Feb Healing MagicWe live our life in stages. They can be tracked by our biology or an astrologer or by our milestones. Nevertheless, when pain and suffering becomes the norm, reinventing our life starts to sound better and better. That’s when it’s time to find out what the options are, and more importantly what is so seriously broken that our life doesn’t even feel like our own any longer.

Do something about it. Seriously, you can. Psychologists, astrologers, life coaches, and biologists will tell you opportunity is served up right alongside adversity.

Our job is to see it and then act on it. Nothing happens unless we act on it. That is the law of karma, attraction, mojo and the universe. To help us take the right action we have to ask the hard questions, be very honest about the answers and then find the strength, courage and focus to start the shift. This is a very personal choice and the fire under the motivation has to come from us first. No one, no matter how hard they try, can do this for us. The shift starts with you.

Thankfully, the momentum can begin slowly and with the tiniest amount of effort on our part. In fact it can start with a wish or desire.

Then one morning we wake up feeling quite different. Like something changed within and we are determined that today is the day. Do you want to wake up that momentum within you? Do you want a ritual or some candle magic that will give you that important jumpstart to reinventing yourself? Yes? Then let’s go straight to the life Hack I promised.

Life Hack has the reputation of being the easy button. I disagree. A Life Hack makes something complicated look easy or simple because a really nice person figured it out and shared their creativity with us. Life hacks inspire us to be different, even better version of ourselves.

Here is a life hack from yours truly. May it be the wind beneath your reinvented wings.

Supplies you’ll need.

Wishing Mojo Wicked Witch oil

Energy and Will Blessed Herbal Candle

A piece of paper 2”x3”

A string 6” in length

Step one is all about making space for this ritual. Choose your time and location, gather your supplies and get ready to begin.

In step two I want you to meditate. In this meditation take 3 deep cleansing breaths, ground your energy into the earth and give thanks for your life, your body and your mind. No matter what is going on in your life right now, affirm that you are grateful for what you have. Now ask to be protected, loved, uplifted and inspired. Imagine you are being surrounded by gold light. “See” it flow around you and make a complete bubble. Take as much time as you need. When you are done, open your eyes for step three.

In step three light the Energy and Will Blessed Herbal Candle. Read the blessing on the label aloud. Let it remind you that there is power inside you that has not yet been tapped. Take a moment to breathe those words in. NO matter how exhausted you are, there is more to you than you imagine. Feel it.

As the candle burns nicely, it’s time for step four. Writing your ASK. With your little piece of paper in hand, think about what you want to ask for. Will it be advice? Will it be for help? Will you ask for a prediction? Will you ask for a miracle? It can be a small thing, because you can do this ritual again. It can be a big thing, because you know what the big picture should look like. Respect where you are and let your ASK be in line with that. Write it down. The paper is small for a reason. The ASK is very concise. Here’s my ASK, “I ask for help improving my memory.” Next roll up the paper and tie the string around it. Open up the Wishing Mojo oil and give your paper a healthy dose of Wishing Mojo. Finally, your last step, put the paper on your nightstand and ask for a dream that will show you how your ASK will be fulfilled. When you get your dream or dreams, write them down. You may see a pattern or clues that will help you discern what actions you need to take.

I wish you the best dreams with the most helpful guidance and your wishes granted.

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