healing magic image 2Our heart is a powerful organ. It works 24/7 whether we are focusing on it or not. Our heart is also very vulnerable to our choices on how we handle difficult experiences. When we get hurt and we don’t forgive and move on, it’s our heart that is weakened by our hurt feelings and angry thoughts.

If we don’t act quickly enough, it’s our heart that will stop beating first.

I’m not just talking about the big one; when we lose a loved one or are betrayed. I’m also talking about the little events that can happen every day. The ones we start to ignore because we’ve come to accept them as part of life. These little “heart attacks” can add up. They will fatigue our heart, clog the energy in the chakra and over time be just as devastating as the “big one”.

Getting serious about protecting our heart means we have to take responsibility for our thoughts, emotions and actions as well as eating right and exercising.

I’ve been studying with Barbara Y Martin and Dimitri Moraitis at their Spiritual Arts Institute. They teach that our body is an extension of our Mind. Our thoughts, for better or worse not only create our body, they can change it. Our emotions are the little engine that pushes those thoughts into reality (physical life). When we don’t deal with our mental and emotional pain, we won’t age gracefully and sometimes we can cause ourselves to die prematurely. This lesson made me sit up and pay attention, because, like everyone else, I am feeling the effects of my thoughts, beliefs and attitudes on my body, especially my heart.

The good news is, and there is always good news; we can completely avoid giving ourselves a heart attack or any other disease if we become aware of our thoughts and emotions. When we choose to forgive, see the big picture, or ask “what is my lesson here?”, or be willing to pay attention to what is going on rather than living in a fantasy we will keep our body healthier and stronger.

In addition to mental acuity and emotional discipline, we need to seek out joy and aspire to live our lives in grace.

This means dropping the habits of fear and anger and start expecting to be guided by a spiritual principle or two. Yep, let yourself have a spiritual path. If you are challenged with a health issue now, you can start healing it with the same principles. Spiritual principles are just what you’d expect them to be, Love, Forgiveness, Gratitude, Courage, Strength, Generosity, Selflessness, Creativity, Joy, Prosperity, and so on. When we live as if all these principles are inherent in us and believe they are inherent in everyone else, war, disease, competition, fear naturally fall away. We stop creating those realities in our world and in our personal lives and our body will be healthy and strong.

Now, we need a “to do”. What can we do to make the shift from what we are doing now to what we need to do to enjoy a healthy heart? Let’s do a Coventry Magic Ritual to get the ball rolling. In Chapter nine of Coventry Magic, Jacki offers three magical ways to cleanse your aura of all the toxicity that builds up just from living life and not dealing effectively with your thoughts and emotions (and stuff from other people too.) You can spray Florida water in your aura, take an herbal bath, or run a raw egg (still in its shell) through your aura. Choose your favorite and go for it, or do all three.

I offer you one more way to detox the past from your body and aura. You will need a Spiritual Cleansing Blessed Herbal Candle, Karma Kleaner Wicked Good Spray or Smudge Spray Wicked Good Spray.

This little ritual combines a meditation with Angel Magic. Get ready to meditate by grounding and creating your sacred space. Remove all the packaging from your candle, place it in a candle holder, say the blessing on the label and light it. Now invite Archangel Michael to beam purifying light into your aura, chakras and body from up above. This light is orange- red and will loosen up all the negativity you are holding in your mind, voice, heart and emotions. If you have a condition you need help with, ask for extra attention on that. Imagine the negativity is being released into the flame of the candle to be burned up. Take your time and feel the purification happening from the top of your head down to your toes. When you are done you will feel lighter, happier and less burdened. Soon your body will feel more youthful. Doing this meditation daily will also detoxify the effect of new negativity happening. Take care of your heart with healthy habits, a positive attitude and willingness to learn, forgive and let go of everything you can’t control. For daily maintenance, spray Karma Kleaner Wicked Good spray in your aura. You don’t need a lot. It will help you release any negativity you created or collected during the day.

Healing is Magical

Patty Shaw

Coventry Creations