Healing magic imageHealing can feel magical, miraculous even. When you spend time cleansing your chakras (or having someone do it for you), you will be able to focus better, have more vitality and feel more relaxed. You may even consider looking at that bucket list again.

People with a healthy chakra system feel more creative, inspired and are willing to take more risks. They see life as something to live fully and joyfully.

First, a quick review of chakras. Just knowing what they are and what they do will motivate you to get them cleansed and balanced. It does for me every time. Chakras are part of our energy body or aura. They are little pumps that draw in and disperse the energy we need to support our body and life. The energy they pump comes from the universe. There are two basic kinds of energy. Divine energy and prana. Divine energy vibrates very fast or high. It is intelligent and carries all the positive attributes we need to help us evolve our souls. It helps us learn and grow emotionally, mentally and spiritually on every level of our subconscious and conscious. Prana energy vibrates closer to our physical world. It is the substance that feeds the physical world, all the way down to the cells and atoms that create the structures. Without prana our physical bodies fall apart and die. We get prana from the air, the sun and the earth. We can also get prana from each other. We all have different levels of prana. As a general rule, children naturally have more prana then seniors. Healthy, happy people have more prana than depressed, sick people. Also, it’s a spiritual law that high vibrations flow to low vibrations. That is why grandparents love to be with their grandchildren and vice versa. They help each other find a healthy balance of pranic energy within themselves.

Our chakras pull in and expel divine and pranic energy. When they are congested or inhibited in anyway, energy cannot get to our auras and bodies, and that’s bad.

We know when our chakras are clogged when we start getting physical symptoms. Disease starts in the aura first, the body second. By the time the body is sick, the congestion has been in the chakras and aura for quite some time. Cleansing your chakras regularly will help your aura stay clear and your body able to heal itself. Living a healthy lifestyle will also keep your chakras and aura clear. Since “life” happens you can do things to improve the circulation in your chakra system.

Each of your chakras has a job. When they can’t do their job you will experience it in a very specific way. The root chakra not only promotes survival it is your garbage can. You must take out the trash often so you can draw up the energy from the earth. Doing that will keep you feeling like you belong here and can be effective in your life. Congestion in the root chakra causes health issues in your lower body, but also prevents clear thinking and balanced emotions.

The naval chakra manages your creativity and your emotions. Congestion here cause illness in the reproductive organs, bladder and digestion.

The Solar Plexus chakra houses your will power. Congestion here will make you feel weak and indecisive. Physical issues can show up in the stomach and liver.

Your Heart chakra is a very busy chakra. It manages the energy you need to address all the areas of your mortal life. Career, relationships, money; all the stuff that helps you evolve your soul. Congestion here will affect your ability to love and be loved. Your heart and lungs can be injured by a weak heart chakra.

Your throat chakra helps you express yourself. Issues here will affect your voice and your courage to speak your mind. Physical problems could arise in your throat, mouth and ears.

The third eye chakra governs your pineal and pituitary glands and they keep your hormones balanced. Issues here result in hormonal balances that can affect the efficiency of the entire body. You can also have trouble focusing on mundane tasks and connecting your spiritual self and higher.

The crown chakra is kinda on its own program. It slowly opens as we evolve spiritually. Needless to say, congestion in the crown will affect your mind/thinking and can negatively impact the health of your brain and nervous system. When the crown chakra is not able to process divine energy we can become arrogant and too self-focused. We can stop learning and expanding our minds to higher information and viewpoints. People suffering from a congested crown chakra can experience dementia, cloudy thinking, memory loss, paranoia, delusion and other ways of mentally and emotionally disconnecting from their life.

There are many things you can do to improve the quality of your chakra system. Not all of them are weird or out of your comfort zone.

  1. Get energy work done. Reiki and Pranic healing can clear those puppies immediately.

  2. Do chakra clearing and balancing meditations for maintenance. Using a focal point like a Coventry Creations, Spiritual Cleansing Blessed Herbal Candle will help.

  3. Eat healthy and stay hydrated.

  4. Exercise. It can be aerobic or yogic. Vigorous or gentle. The key word here is MOVE.

  5. Stay positively oriented. Be grateful, forgiving, tolerant, joyful and accepting.

  6. Become spiritual. Seek out and connect with a higher power that affirms that you are loved and believes your evolutionary journey is important.

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