HEALINGBefore we jump into a discussion on how witches heal, let’s define what a witch is. The term witch is so eclectic and general. Anyone who leans on tradition, metaphysics, ritual, and elements of the earth to manipulate or change the direction of energy and the outcomes of that change is a witch.


I was raised a Catholic and I even consider Catholic priests witches. Gasp! Think about it. During mass they do a ritual that changes the energy of a simple disc of wheat and a glass of wine into the energy of the body and blood of Christ. They offer it to all parishioners to ingest so they may embody the qualities of Christ. In another circle that would be called witchcraft. I also consider doctors and everyone else who participates in the healing arts to be witches. I don’t have a problem with the Catholic sacramental rituals or any other ritual whose intention is to help people realize their true empowered glorious self. I call this spiritual healing and I will go as far to say that this is how a witch heals the body, mind, and soul.


The basic premise of spiritual healing is working with energy to change its quality and direction. Everything is made up of energy and we can manipulate that energy with the energy of other things like thoughts (intentions) and emotions. The quality of the energy can be uplifted making it feel fluid and free or it can be lowered and experienced as depression, pain, and decay. Lowering energy is a necessary process and is called reduction. We see it happen all the time on the forest floor. The physical needs to be reduced to its basic elements so it can be used again in another form.

Where healing is concerned the things that direct the energy are our intentions, level of consciousness, and our awareness of the universe and how it works. If we engage in energy that lowers our vibration we will feel the effects of it in our body, mind, and emotions. We can also lower our own vibration by the decisions we make and the behavior we engage in. Pollution and substance abuse lowers our vibration as well as hatred, being judgmental, and greed. The correct medicines and therapies, compassion, living life in balance within our self and with others lifts vibrations up. Having a spiritual practice also lifts vibrations up.

So how do witches heal? They heal with their ability to find what is out of balance and bring it back into balance by the means provided by our earth and by spirit. The earth provides everything we need to live, survive and thrive. We just have to identify it and learn how to work it. Spirit provides the energy by which everything is composed of and we just need to learn how to let it in and use it. Healing could come in the form of a medicine that reminds the body how it is supposed to work. It can come in the form of compassionate listening so the wounds of the past can be released for good. It can come in the form of teaching someone how to live in the world peacefully and co-operatively with the abilities they were born with. Healing can be given in the form of breaking down barriers to trust and learning how to let love flow in both directions; in and out. Healing solves problems, helps us accept our limitations, and gives us opportunities to learn from our mistakes.