Jan Healing MagicAdulting (v): to do grown up things and hold responsibilities such as, a 9-5 job, a mortgage/rent, a car payment, or anything else that makes one think of grown-ups. – dailyurbanista.com


While this sort of thing is reserved for the 20-39 year old set, everyone struggles with Adulting, even us 50 –somethings.

I personally hate grocery shopping. I don’t even give my husband a shopping list when he goes foraging in the thrifty acres (though I just learned Meijers dropped that tag line). That is some fine adolescent rebellion coming from my 50 year old self. When I do go out and purchase food that needs assembly, I’m extremely proud of myself. I had been Adulting.

Like Adulting, responsibility is akin to taking care of yourself but somehow sounds less cool.


Cool sounding or not, there is power in being responsible. The word breaks down into “response” and “ability”. Ability is defined as the natural or acquired power in a particular activity; the power to act or activate. Response is an answer that requires action. The response of, “yeah, I’ll get to it later” is not in the realm of responsibility, because you have not activated your response.


Putting the two root words together; responsibility means having the power and skill to move into action when something happens. Being responsible for ourselves, means our reaction is directly tied into our desire to make sure that what occurs next stays in harmony with us and our life.


When we augment our own natural instincts with our learned skills we can be influential over the outcome and make it fairly predictable and even successful.

Creating this perfect response scenario is something we all have to learn to do. Some of it is easy and we are off the sidelines without a second thought. Other times we are powerless to change our behavior and act the same old way each time and suffer the consequences of that. Those are the times we need to get into the mechanics of our habits, beliefs and fears.


Here is a three step ceremony for some good ole fashioned self-help and habit busting.


To prepare yourself, light a Motor City Hoo Doo Van Van candle and create a sacred space, or spray some Smudge Spray from our Wicked Good Spray line in the four directions around you.

1.Identify your habitual non productive response. An example; interpreting someone’s offer of assistance as an insult to your capabilities. Next be open to the possibility that you may be acting out of habit from an earlier negative experience.

2.On a piece of paper create two columns. In the first column list out all the thoughts and feelings going through your mind when you think of your statement from step 1. Example: “Do they think I’m stupid, untrained or lazy? I’m insulted. They will screw it up and I’ll be blamed and have to work overtime to fix it. They are just trying to prove that they are better than me.”

In the second column write a positive statement to counter each negative statement. Example: “I am happy to get help this time because I am really overworked”, or, “Thank you, this is really too heavy for me. ” You get the idea, tailor it to your natural responses.

3.Tear the paper in half, separating the two columns. Spray the piece of paper that contains your negative statements with the Smudge Spray and then burn it to let their influence on you be destroyed by the fire. Place the list of positive statements under the Van Van candle and ask that their energy fill you. As the fire releases the negative statements, room is being made within you for the uplifting ones. That is the power of transformation and one way you can become a positive force in your life.

It’s always beneficial to support your magical work with Coventry Creations products. I suggest you burn a Needed Changes Blessed Herbal Candle to keep the ball rolling while you transform the way you move into Adulting or being responsible.

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