Many of my articles on healing evolve around guided meditations, burning candles and taking time out for yourself. I guess the biggest appeal to my method is that it provides an opportunity to shut down the cacophony and create some silence. I once posted FaceBook that I was muttering to myself that I need to stop thinking so I can think.

Although it was funny at the time, I have to say, it was the truth. My mind was so full of lists, thoughts, demands, worries wants and desires that there was zero room for inspiration.

Inspiration is what I call good clean thinking. It comes in on a breath of fresh air and is gorgeous like a single note fragrance; untouched by other scents that can create competition and distraction from the first note. Good, clean and uncomplicated. Getting inspired takes me from being confused to my Ah Ha! moment much faster too. Something I greatly desire when I’m completely in the weeds mentally and emotionally. Those are the times I know I have to stop thinking and create some space for silence. Then I wait for the inspiration. It’s very much like putting the problem on the Altar of God (something I learned to do to save my sanity) and trusting that I’ll understand what to do or not to do later. When I’m quiet and calm.

Quiet helps create calm. When I’m sitting alone, focusing on my breath as I was taught in yoga, the mental ramblings do recede. It’s then when I feel the calm moving into my mind and then my emotions and finally into my body. It’s quite luxurious; as in a rare and special event. Try it and find out just how uptight you really are. It took me quite a while to be able to recognize that I spend most of my waking life with my shoulders up to my ears and my jaw locked. Yes, I let it get that bad. This is why my healing practice revolves around meditation, silence and the magic of burning candles.

What can we do this summer to entice you into creating a healing practice that is easy, beautiful and relaxing? We’ll do what we always do, get you started…

Monica, Coventry’s idea generator came up with a kicker of a list of all the Coventry Candles that would be perfect for summertime healing and self-indulgence. Yes self-indulges can be very healing. Imagine yourself creating a soothing space in your garden or on your porch or balcony decorated with candles, crystals, plants, comfortable furniture and you. Now go put it together. If inspired, take a picture and send it to us. We would love to see what you create.

Here’s the candle list for your summer meditation rendezvous

BHC-Happiness has a gentle scent that literally puts a smile on your face. Smiling is very good for you.

BHC Happy Home is the peace and serenity candle. Everyone needs this candle.

Affirmation Soul Mate will remind you that first and foremost you need to be your own true love. Unconditionally loving yourself is the path of spiritual evolution and frankly cures all hurts, fears and general crabbiness.

Affirmation Love candle properly placed will attract love to you. Make it your centerpiece.

World Magic Sacred White Sage clears your aura of hooks and drains. When that burden is gone it’s easier to feel love and compassion again for the people in your life.

World Container Sweetgrass is a prayer waiting to be said. What do you need to pray for?

Hoodoo Road Opener helps you expand your energy and feel stronger. Being uptight and stressed out makes you feel small and powerless.

Hoodoo Van Van has a powerfully pungent scent. It keeps away bugs and the negative entities that whisper mean things to you, about you. This candle will also help you neutralize the incessant negative self-talk in your head and heart.

In case you need more reasons to partake in a summer vacation with yourself, here are some of the many benefits you’ll get from taking a break from “life” for a little while each day or week.

Deeper relaxation

Getting to know yourself

Dedicating time just for you

Releasing the hooks and drains from all the people who need you and you alone

Recharging your batteries

Re-set your boundaries with people

Reflection time to make room for good clean thinking

Getting back in touch with who you are

Getting back in touch with your life’s purpose

Having time to do nothing and just be

Re-establishing your personal space

Cleansing your aura and chakras

Falling in love with yourself again

Releasing the tension and stress from your body before it causes health problems

Loving your body again and learning what it needs to heal, then being highly motivated to do that

Advancing your spirit along your evolutionary path

Meet and commune with God, your guides, and nature

Get a pep talk from your higher self

Your family will notice you are calmer, can have fun again and are more patient

Stress at work will not get to you as easily or go as deeply

You will learn the value of valuing yourself. What a great role model for your children or other young ones in your sphere of influence.

My husband and I are putting in a small patio this year. This will be my summer meditation station. I’ll be surrounded by peonies, false indigo, a magnolia tree and random perennials and annuals. I’ll also have a place to burn candles, a chime, some big honking crystals and a few lawn ornaments to entertain me. It’s still in my imagination, but the reality of it will be here soon. Building this space is part of my meditation and is just as healing as the actual meditations will be. It’s going to be a wonderful summer. Join me won’t you?