Healing Magic with Patty Shaw

WM-ganesha-228x228You can take authority over the mess you sometimes call your life and make the serious changes you’ve been dreaming about. Yep it’s time to pull the trigger on step five of the seven steps to personal magical evolution from Jacki Smith’s book, Coventry Magic.

Hey, no worries, life gets away from us sometimes and please don’t get me started on family legacies. Bottom line, no matter how or why you are in the shape you are in, you can make some positive improvements to your life by letting go of the past, letting go of habits and for goodness sake, let go of Uncle Gerald’s “poor me” attitude.

This month we encourage all of you to make a move to clear out at least one thing in your life that is outdated and downright destructive to you. Your first move it going to be about picking said self sabotaging behavior and looking it square in the eye and say, I don’t need you, I don’t want you and I certainly don’t want to ride this crazy train with you any longer.

We’re going to go through this transformation the Coventry way with a few meaningful and thought provoking steps and then we’ll bring on the magic.

Step one: Choose the thing you are ready to let go, clear and cleanse out of your body, mind and emotions. Take your time and pick the thing you can really commit too. Be reasonable and choose an attainable goal. If you’d like to kick an addiction, make sure you are ready, and have lots of support in place to lean on when the craving hits or the triggers are launched. In this step you’ll want to burn a Problem Solving Blessed Herbal Candle to help you choose.

Step two: Get ready for the change by forgiving yourself and others for what each of you contributed to the situation. This will make it a lot easier to let go of it all in step three. Next, spend some time accepting yourself and all your ups and downs as good enough, in fact quite lovable and worthy of love (no matter what others have said to you or how they treated you). When you hear and feel the resistance to your loving yourself and letting yourself be loved, acknowledge it and then gently say, “this is not who I really am, this is an illusion or distortion of me. I see you and now I let you go into the light.” Most shifts we make that have this emotional layer need our compassion, patience and open mindedness. Go a slow as you need to and most importantly, be your own best friend and don’t give up on yourself. During this step we invite you to burn a Spiritual Cleansing Blessed Herbal Candle. While it’s burning keep releasing your grief and pain into the light of the flame. It’s ok to repeat this step as many times as you need to.

Step three: Let go of all the judgments, regrets, resentments and lost potential by surrendering this outdated way of seeing yourself into the light. This is a very magical thing to do and is used by many self help processes, the most famous one being the AA 12 step program. Make this a reverent moment for yourself by inviting the light in and imagine that it’s right there beaming its brilliance and warmth right into your face. Just like a sunny summer day. Don’t forget the gentle breeze that cools you while you let all of your angst flow from you into the light. If you find it helpful to have a candle flame to represent the light for you, burn a Happiness Blessed Herbal Candle during this step. The Happiness candle is bright yellow and is all about the sun and how transformational and life giving it is.

Step four: Create your new habits and make them good ones. Don’t let this be an exercise just in your unconscious. Bring your new found freedom up into your consciousness – that’s where you want your new reality grounded anyway, by creating an action plan. This action plan is to be full of new behavior, a good attitude and a support system you can lean on when the resistance and challenges come. They may come from within or from your world around you. Be ready for them by making decisions ahead of time and memorizing them. Keep a talisman in your purse or pocket that reminds you of the new direction you are going. A great mentor for this step is Ganesh. Light a Coventry Ganesh World Candle and recite the prayer on the label daily to help you.

Four basic steps, some Coventry Creations candles and lots of effort and commitment on your part will help you let go of the past and open up new pathways for your success to creating the life you know you are meant to have.

Patty Shaw is co-owner of Coventry Creations, author, teacher and Akashic Record Healer. For appointments call 248-547-2987 or go to www.HealingwithPattyShaw.com.