3 easy ways to connect with your spirit guides...

1 – Say hi!  They would love to hear from you and usually send message back

2 – Light a candle for them and listen for their guidance.

(You can also draw a Coventry Magic Oracle Card)

3 – Ask for guidance and randomly open a book (or bible) the first thing your eye land on will be their message for you.

We are actually connected with our spirit all the time but our day to day grown up life gets in the way.  We doubt what we hear and experience and logic all the spiritual interaction away.  Let your inner child and the innocent belief that they hold sacred for you do the talking to your spirit guides.   Don’t worry if it sounds like you are making it up, how do you think they get your attention in the first place!!   

I gave you three tips to start with, but there really is only one tip to start with; talk to them.  The more you talk to them, the more they answer.  The more you get to know how they communicate with you the easier it becomes.  

Use the outside tools like a book or oracle card to start the message rolling, but as you work on your communication techniques it gets easier and clearer to talk to them.  It’s when you star to confuse yourself that it’s time to check back in with your other tools.