AuntJackiSaysDecIt’s time to lighten up your mood!  


The holiday season makes serious animals of us all and before we step into the new year with a defeatist attitude, it’s time to make personal success our friend.

This is the perfect time of year, this time of lighting the darkest nights, to ignite our own passions and find the drive we need to manifest our goals.    Harnessing the momentum of the sun as it begins to wind up for its return to brilliance will give us the same inertia!  This is truly living the season, living the magic and using the turn of the year to your benefit.

This is your Aunt Jacki’s recipe for putting the fun back into success and we all know what we enjoy we put more energy into, what we put energy into become successful...


Aunt Jacki’s Play to Win Spell

Step 1 – Cut and Clear what holds you back from a successful spell

Ingredients:  Lemon, Uncrossing candle, Grief Candle, Pine bough (or any type of evergreen), Olive oil

Write on a piece of paper what is stressing you.   From work to family to diet; anything and everything that is busting your bliss.

Write on another list the things that you want to replace your stress with.  Make sure you match each thing you want to remove with something you want to bring in. The list MUST be equal. 

Cut the lemon in half and squeeze some of the juice onto the stress list.   Light the Uncrossing candle.  Take both halves of the lemon and wash your aura with it.   Roll the list up and stick it in the lemon.  Tie the lemon shut with a black ribbon or twine.   Set the lemon next to the burning Uncrossing candle.  

Anoint the Grief candle with Olive oil, light it and read aloud your positive list – the things that are replacing your stress.  Anoint the list with the olive oil and say a prayer for divine help to replace the stress in your life with these positive things.   Roll the paper up and tie it to the pine bough with a white ribbon or twine.   Use that bough to wash your aura with and hang that bough in the room you spend the most time in.

Let both candles burn for as long as you can.   Relight the candles every day.  Use the lemon to clear away what you are releasing every day and then use the pine bough to bless yourself with these new positive things.   On the 4th day, take the lemon and both candles to a crossroads and dispose of them.

Step 2 – Create fun!


Ingredients:  Love’s Enchantment Blessed Herbal Candle, Energy & Will Blessed Herbal Candle, High John Root, 30 Chocolate coins, Journal.

Light the Love’s Enchantment and Energy & Will Candles, place the chocolate coins between the candles.     Get out your journal and write down all the things you are passionate about.

Look at the list and cross off anything that brings you stress. 

Now cross off anything that others think you are passionate about (but you really are not)

Look at what is left and list them on a new page.

Write down todays date – and “For the next 30 days I will do one thing that feeds my passion.”  Make a list of ideas that will help fuel your passion.  

Let the candles burn while you are writing this down.   Light them every day and declare what you did to ignite your passion.  

Every time you do something on your list or take an action that feeds your passion, write it down and take away a chocolate coin.  Feel free to eat that coin, unwrap it and secure the wrapper to the piece of paper that you described your action on.

The chocolate coins speak to your magical child who encourages you to play and have fun in your life.  When your inner child is happy, you happiness levels go way up.  When you happiness is the driving force in your life your passion is fed and your success is at hand.

After 30 days, look back at your journal and all the riches you have collected.  As you build your cache of wild magic, wonderful things begin to manifest in your life.

That my darlins’ is success.