aunt Jacki January

Transformation is the definition of magic.  When you are creating magic in your life you have become the alchemist that blends your past experience with your future dreams to create a desired outcome.  You are carefully balancing all the elements of your life; the passion for your goal, the brilliance of your idea, the emotional baggage that defined the old you and the person you are today and from this juggle you are transforming – creating magic.

You must let go to receive more.  It feels counter intuitive that you have to empty to refill, but there it is, in every spiritual teaching.  When you hold onto fear, darkness, old behaviors, old ideals or definitions there is no room for the new one that will help you transform from what has been to what you want to be.   

This is a scary thing – to become something else that is unfamiliar to you.  How do you even do that?  How can you be someone else when you are already who you are?   What is the tipping point from who you used to be to who you are next?  This is a close your eyes and jump moment where you set your course and steer true to your next destination.  This is a time of faith in yourself and your spiritual allies and here are a few magical steps that will get you through to the other side.  


You begin this transformation by embracing that Magic is real; so make sure you do it every day.  State and restate your intention every day until you can rattle it off without even thinking about it.   Light your candles say your affirmation and do one thing every day towards your goal.

Like attracts like – that is sympathetic magic.  It works with objects and people.  You bring in symbols of the magical transformation you are creating and eliminate the symbols of what you are clearing.  Make sure you mirror that in the people you are sharing your magic with.   Bring in the people who represent the magical transformation you are creating and let go of the people who will keep you in the space you are working to transform.

Build your spiritual relationships.  Your spiritual allies; ancestors, guides, angels, masters and spiritual beings – they are all waiting on your invitation to build a relationship with you.   They require your attention and willingness.   One at a time, build a relationship with that is supportive and loving; your rewards will be greater than you can imagine.