I may not dress like a witch, wear a pentagram or call upon the goddess in every stressful moment, but I do live a daily magical life.   You do not have to be a witch, a priestess or a conjure woman; you can be of any religion or spiritual path; you can live in the city or country and you can be of any socioeconomic status to bring magic into your life on a daily basis.


Magic is healing, empowerment, connection to the divine, intuition, manifestation, prayer and laughter.   Magic is not a religion or even a system; it is a result of your focused effort and intent.  It is not so hard to live a magical life, if just takes personal awareness and a willingness to laugh at your own issues.

To me living a magical life is changing the tide on a bad day with slowing down for a moment, ranting at the frustration and then purposefully changing the tone in my voice.   I get my magic on when I verbalize what is causing me to worry and then asking for divine guidance out loud.  It gets even more magical when I listen for the answer.  It usually comes within the hour.  

I fill my day with magic when I start it out by deciding what I want from the day.  I may want to be productive, to relax, be creative, or some days just get through it.  I also light a candle that will help me manifest the day I need.  I score more magic in my day when I remember that it takes 2 people to manifest anything; me and the person who will be the catalyst for change.  When I do that, I remember to treat the people around me with respect.  

I walk with magic throughout the day when I remember to be grateful to my spirit, my heart and my body for surviving and getting me to where I am today.  When I remember that, I am filled with the power to manifest my dreams.  

I also do a lot spiritual maintenance in this magical life; I clear my energy of emotions and thoughts that do not belong to me.  I apologize.   I am imperfect, loud, excited, inspired, sad, neurotic, and angry; I am everything I am supposed to be in the moment, and only that moment.  I obsess about things and then pray for divine help to let it go.  Then I write it out, talk it out or work it out to get myself back in balance. 

I burn candles, use symbols, light incense, wear oils, make offerings, pack mojo bags, mark my words and a slew of other things all in line with my connection to life.  And that my friend is how I live a magical life – now it is your turn.