Nov healing magic imageEarly on in my career as a healer and spiritual counselor I spent a fair amount of time swimming with my clients sharks. It was dangerous, painful and so very necessary. Getting into the trenches does generate some validation and sympathy, but it’s darn depressing and it may not be as helpful and I originally had planned.

Over time staring down the throat of my clients demons, promising to trash them started to taint my perspective on life and I really started to believe my practice was about “what’s wrong” and eliminating the bad guy. Even my meditations were about digging up something to be fixed. I had forgotten about celebration and gratitude. Yes it’s true, I had become a Goth girl healer. I even started to wear a combination of black, grey and darker grey.

Now that I’ve got a few more miles on my tennis shoes I’m letting the sun shine again during healing sessions. I still use all the excellent tools; reiki, inner child work, energy work, releasing of negative entities, but I come from a place of encouragement instead of broken. I’m not saying that I’m white washing anything. I’m saying there is always something to celebrate and when I end a session on a positive note and sprinkle it thought out the session, my clients (and me too) feel a world of difference.

Last week my client mentioned that healing with such positivity made a big difference in her ability to accept some painful truths and do some letting go. We both learned that lingering grief, regret, shame, anger, and so on do not help us heal as well as forgiveness, humor and saying Ah for feck’s sake, that’s not helping me at all.

To make room for the sunshine I include a brief meditation in each session to help my clients release old pain. Jacki and I wrote about it in our book, DIY Akashic Wisdom. It’s called Healing Waters and it’s amazing at getting free from the pain that is old as dirt. Look it up, it’s a great exercise. The idea is to imagine you are in a pool of water in a beautiful setting. As you sit there make the intention to release all the pain surrounding a specific event. Then you just let it happen. All my clients are amazed at how easy it is to do. And they don’t get traumatized because the rule is to look the other way. It’s done and not to be rehashed, remembered or fussed over. While you are letting go of the past, allow yourself to be filled with light. It makes a world of difference to how you feel about life and yourself after spending time with what’s wrong.

Patty Shaw is co-owner of Coventry Creations and the Candle Wick Shoppe , author, teacher, Reiki Master and Akashic Record Healer. For appointments call 248-547-2987 or go