dec 2015 healing magic imageEver go to a weekend retreat for some rejuvenation, or to test your metal? Maybe it was a healing retreat, where you really dug deep, and let go of some really heavy duty energy. How about this? You’ve been seeing a therapist and you had a breakthrough and finally forgave the S.O.B that ruined your life.

Felt great didn’t it? You probably remember getting in touch with the real you, and got high on just how liberating that was. You were on top of your physical, emotional and mental game and you came through it like an empowered warrior or a goddess or just an awesome you. Decisions were made and plans forged. Life looked hopeful and maybe even a little sparkly.

Then you drove home. The closer you got back to your life the more the weight of your world wrapped its constricting, demanding needy arms around you; and the spiritual hangover began to settle in. It’s at this point your confidence and clarity started to dry up and blow away and all your hard work seemed pointless. This is a tough spot and will take effort to move through it. The letdown after such an important experience is part of process. Your epiphany or healing is not complete until you expose it to the day to day. This is where the new you meets the old you and you two have it out. Be on the lookout for the old you. It can take many different forms; like, the same old reactions to family dynamics, the same old feeling of being stuck in a rut at work, or the same old health issues. This battle will be your will against your habit and they both can’t take the brass ring. Someone has to come in second.

When you come to this murky place you may feel defeated. You are not defeated. Remember that, and even though you can’t bring the facilitator or your therapist home with you, believe me, I’ve seen enough people ask that question, there are things for you to lean on until the pain passes. All hangovers pass and it’s usually because you’ve done something courageous and loving for yourself. It’s no different with a spiritual hangover.

Taken straight out of our book DIY Akashic Wisdom, here are some suggestions for getting through a spiritual hangover.

1. Slow down take some deep breaths and choose to be in the present. Stop reminiscing on the past and the pain, let the future take care of itself and be fully in the here and now. Suggested candle; Grief Affirmation candle

2. Do something mundane like housework, fold laundry, spend time with a good book or a hobby or focus on the task at hand at your job. (Bosses love that). Suggested candle; Goddess Affirmation candle

3. If the after party blues got you feeling sick or irritable or having a meltdown you can contain it with the blister pack exercise until you can get help (page 226). Suggested candle; Angel Affirmation candle

4. Be honest that you could be resisting change. We all are afraid of the uncharted territory that change brings. Be patient with yourself and others and keep in mind that you can try again and again until you get it right. Suggested candle; Guardian Protector Affirmation candle.

5. Your personal path of empowerment is for you alone. Your evolution is upwardly mobile and if you are using your new found strength to overpower someone you have missed the point. This will hurt you more than if you did nothing. If you find you are falling into this trap, stop, drop and roll before you occur more karmic debt. Call your therapist, get a therapist, most of all, spend some time looking into the mirror and say nice things about yourself. Something like, “I love you too much to let you do something like that or act like that.” Suggested candle; Soul Mate Affirmation candle.

Next time you find yourself in the middle of a spiritual hangover, pull out this list and take action. You’ll be fine and you will find that the inner strength you gained is still there and now is the time to tap it.

Patty Shaw is co-owner of Coventry Creations and the Candle Wick Shoppe , author, teacher, Reiki Master and Akashic Record Healer. For appointments call 248-547-2987 or go to