Healing Magic 470You have to fight for what you want, even if that means fighting with yourself. How many times have you sabotaged your own success? Too many, my friend, too many. When you sabotage your ability to get a better job, increase your business opportunities, or reduce your expenses, you are fighting against your right to be prosperous.

I know this because it’s part of learning how to manage money. Without mastering how money works we make a lot of mistakes; going through experiences from poverty, to stinking rich, and back to poverty. Money karma is about how we deal with having or not having enough. Even after we’ve learned how to amass wealth we still have to learn how to let it go, aka, being generous. Still, the fight we engage in is with ourselves. Our own attitudes and beliefs are the root of the conflict. Anger, fear, greed, and being superior minded create conflict within us. Until we resolve it, we tend to be in a war with ourselves and it directly impacts how prosperity flows to us.

Many newly wealthy people need time to play and roll in their wealth. They become possessive and greedy because they still believe it is temporary and once it’s gone it won’t return. Only once they learn that they can create and re-create wealth, over and over again, can they finally relax and let the money flow. Even when we have more money than we could possibly spend in a lifetime, we can still be engaged in battle over money. When what you’ve got is never enough, you are in conflict and not flow. You are focused on lack and we all know, what you focus on grows. Always see lacking? Your money will disappear in one way or another.

I’ve heard this story many times. A crisis happens somewhere in the world and large groups of people are devastated. A call goes out for help and the greatest response comes from people of modest means. These are the people who understand that wealth flows and what you give out is returned. They give without expectation of ROI. Where there is great need, they must respond because it’s the right thing to do. These are the people who understand that their actions are rewarded in mysterious ways. Meaning, it’s not clear how it will happen, but it will. Until this internal freedom or fearlessness about money is harnessed, fighting yourself in areas of prosperity will continue to pop up.

Are you ready to be fearless in your prosperity? Are you ready to fight for your right to be abundant? If so, I have a candle ritual for you.

The candles needed for this ritual are the Emotional Balance Blessed Herbal Candle, Problem Solving Blessed Herbal Candle, and the Stability Blessed Herbal Candle.

Start with making your lists. List making gives you a picture of where you are. List out all the ways you are wealthy. Include on this list the ways your life is easy and emotionally rich as well. In the universal bank, there is no difference between cold hard cash and lots of friends and family.

Next list out all the ways you and your extended family have struggled with wealth. Include times of unemployment, bad investments, as well as times when there was depression, anger, resentment, and jealousy.

Take the two lists and place them under the Emotional Balance Blessed Herbal Candle. Light the candle after reading the blessing. Add any words that will express your desire to release your struggles with prosperity and your gratitude for the gifts of an abundant life. At the end of the candle magic ritual burn the list of struggles. You no longer need to be reminded of them.

Take some time to do a meditation. Light the Problem Solving Blessed Herbal Candle and ask to be given insight on the ways you deny the wealth you deserve, sabotage the success of your endeavors, or just can’t believe in the possibility of doing work that feeds your soul and getting paid for it. Take notes. You need to be able to recall this behavior so you can change it.

Now light the Stability Blessed Herbal Candle. Let it remind you that you are worth it, you deserve it, and that you are capable of fighting for your right to be prosperous. Even if that means fighting your own destructive activities, attitudes, and family habits.

As you go back into the routine of your life, remember that wealth is measured in many ways. Money karma is about learning to let money flow and you are in charge of the way you respond to your money picture.

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