BHC EBhealingNews flash, healing requires change, and change often requires us to heal something. I know I’m preaching to the choir and here I go again. This time I’d like to address our resistance to healing. It comes in many forms and all of them can be turned around to allow letting go and getting to the feeling better part of life.

I’ll share a few of mine and hopefully get you all giggling at your reasons for not dealing with it. “Mind your own business”, “I’m fine”, “What twitch?”, “Oh, I’ve already dealt with that”, “I’ll be fine after a drink”. Or how about this one, “That’s the way it’s always been, why change now?”. I could go on, but I know you get the picture. We resist change when it comes to stuff of our own. One of the most prevalent reasons is that we’ve forgotten that the pain exists and we’ve learned to live with it.


We are also afraid to heal. Healing means examining what we’ve worked so hard to erase and forget. Sometimes it’s painful to heal. It doesn’t matter if it’s our body, our feelings, or our thoughts. It hurt going in and to a degree it’s going to hurt coming out. All in all, we have good reasons to resist getting into our stuff and doing the needed work to get healthy and happy.


We have to move through the levels of grieving too. We have to grieve the event, grieve what was lost, and finally grieve the changed future. I didn’t understand the last level of grief until I personally experienced it. I had a birth trauma stashed in my subconscious and its song has been playing in the background all my life. Coming into the world is dangerously hard work. No one meant me any harm, but they were afraid and I was born into a room full of fear. That fear imprinted onto me a feeling of not being safe. Ever since then I was afraid of just about everything. Ultimately I embraced the lessons and the gift of the experience, but I needed some time to do that. Seriously though, did I really need 56 years? Apparently I did and I needed time to grieve the person I never was. Who would I have been if I wasn’t constantly battling my fear and anxiety? I will never know.


No matter what, most people are glad they faced their pain and let it go through safe and responsible healing. It gives them an opportunity to realize that they can do it. It is so freaking liberating, there are smiles, tears of joy and laughing. Yes, laughing. The reward of going through your healing is you! You get you back. One of my clients thanked me for helping her get her “muchness” back. It was something she saw in a movie and it described her experience perfectly.


There is self-care, self-healing, and then there is going to see professionals. Before you embark on your healing journey decide what is best for you. Jacki and I wrote the book DIY Akashic Wisdom for those who like to work things out on their own. People can get really far with it, but there are times when the blind spots are just too dense and stubborn. Sometimes someone else’s perspective is required. Go find that person instead of giving up or giving in to your resistance saying, “I can’t see it, so it must not be there.”.


I’d like to suggest a few candles to burn that will soften the resistance to taking that step or leap toward personal freedom from the past traumas, illnesses, and injuries. Pick up these three Coventry Blessed Herbal Candles: Emotional Balance, Needed Changes and Problem Solving. Work with the Emotional Balance candle first. Light it, say the blessing on the label, and allow your emotions to become balanced and comforted in the knowing that help is on the way. Next, meditate with the Problem Solving candle. Ask for inspiration and intuition on what kind of healing will help you the most. It may be more than one modality too. As you move into your chosen protocol and have selected your healers, light the Needed Changes candle to move you (body, mind and emotions) into 100% willingness to heal. Thank yourself for doing this. Healthy people make a healthy world. You do your part, I’ll do mine and we will move this world into the next age beautifully.

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