Healing MagicAs I think back to all the things I’ve learned about energy and energy healing, I can distill it down to one idea. The act of healing, repairing, and fixing ourselves is a conversation between our energy and the energy of the divine.

I believe this is true for you too.


By our energy I mean our aura and chakras; the aura is the field and the chakras are the pumps. The purpose of our aura and chakras is to bring in and process the spiritual light that flows constantly to us from the divine. This light is the vehicle for which all the energy we need to live and thrive is given. The more light our aura can hold, the healthier we will be.


I have learned a few truths about our personal energy that have stayed with me.

  1. It’s ours to do with as we please, just like free will. We can keep it clean, or we can trash it. We can hold it tight or give it away.

  2. We can completely change the quality of our life by changing the quality of our energy.

  3. Our energy is connected to a source of energy that is greater than us and is the source of that is good in our life.


Let’s talk about the first point; free will with our energy. In the book, You Can’t Afford the Luxury of a Negative Thought, by Peter McWilliams, he writes that negative thinking makes a huge impact on our lives. It is more than just being a Debbie downer. From the perspective of an energy healer negative thinking looks like structures in your energy field. Negative emotions look like storm clouds. Both of these act as blocks in our energy fields and move very slowly or not at all.


Our energy needs to be able to move freely so the chakras can feed our bodies, help us learn our lessons, and realize our dreams. Whether this negativity originates from us or is given to us, the result is the same. Slow sticky energy that we need to detox in order for health and happy life to return.


Do you hold on tight or give it away? This is another way we sabotage our health. Imagine you have a nice tall drink of water and then someone comes by and drinks half. Whether you offer it or they grab it out of your hands doesn’t matter. The point is, you now have less to drink and you will need to find another drink to feel satisfied. It’s the same thing with your energy. When we don’t have enough energy, we will suffer for it.


Being stingy with our energy has a similar impact on us too. Living as an island, out of fear, anger or some other negative emotion, reduces our ability to receive energy. We can become like a hard dry sponge where the water beads up and runs off.


Now onto my second point; we can completely change the quality of our life by changing the quality of our energy. Happiness, love, generosity, compassion, courage, and faith are what we call higher vibration energy. Think about laughing. Do you remember how great laughing makes you feel? Remember how much easier it is to love, forgive, and be a friend when you are in the midst of joy? That is what it feels like when we have higher, lighter energy moving in and around us. As a bonus it helps us move out the sticky, mired, slow moving energy, too. Deliberately choosing to be in high vibrational energy will dilute and lighten up the denser energy hanging around your aura. Lightening up has many benefits that spill out over into your life.


Truth number three is the biggie; our personal energy is connected to a source that is smarter, bigger, and wiser than us. This source has as many names as there are cultures on the earth. This source of light is 100% invested in our happiness and evolution. It is our source of healing. Its consciousness is in everything on this planet, the stars above, and the spaces in between. That means this source is right here, helping you heal, think happy thoughts, be courageous in the face of your fears, and most of all helping you love yourself. It is infinite. When your gas gage is pushing empty you have to connect with the source for a fill up. If you connect to someone else for a fill up, you are drinking their tall glass of water and they will then be depleted. In our physical body we are not infinite and sometimes we are not intelligent. Be a pal and don’t drink from another’s glass.


How do we get more? Simply be open to receive and the rest is done for you. You do have to ask for it. This is not just a spiritual concept, it is a spiritual law. Barbara Y. Martin teaches us, in her book The Healing Power of your Aura, “There are two basic causes of illness; spiritual and physical. If you are ill it means you have broken or stepped out of alignment with a physical or spiritual law (or both!) and are feeling that disharmony as illness or disease.”


Getting back into harmony with this spiritual law will improve your life because the flow of energy into the aura improves. We need to be open in our minds and emotions to allow fresh energy to come in. Though, because we have free will, we can block it. What are our blocks? NEGATIVE THINKING and NEGATIVE EMOTIONS. Be open minded and stop saying and thinking, “I know that.”. This limits you to only what you can understand and there is so much more. We must be open to inspiration. Remember the words of St. Augustine, “Miracles do not happen in contradiction to nature, but only in contradiction to that which is known.”


Being open emotionally requires putting a stop to simply reacting. Reach a centered, calm place and allow the release of aggravated feelings. Breathe deeply several times and give your strong emotions over to a higher power. Just because your feelings are riled up doesn’t mean you have to express them. Be in control of your emotions; they are a very powerful tool for manifesting. Emotions are the very power behind your thoughts. Crazy out of control emotions lead to crazy actions.


Open your energy field by allowing your chakras to receive energy. This can be a little trickier because we all already have emotional and mental blocks in our aura and chakras to overcome. There are several things you can do to break up the congestion in your chakras and aura: exercise, meditation, energy healing like reiki or pranic healing, practice forgiveness and patience, eat a veggie filled diet, quitting toxic practices like smoking, excessive drinking, criticizing and self-pity.


Seeing an energy healer is more effective than working on yourself and you can make the most of these sessions by being a receptive client. An energy worker is trained to bring in the light for you. Through their training and practice they have increased their ability to hold a lot of light and they know how to spoon feed it to you until your aura is clear enough to do it on its own. The same goes for the chakras. When you sit with a healer, let your guard down and be willing to let go of what the healer is helping you let go of. BE WILLING TO HEAL. Let your mind be open to a different answer by letting go of expectations. Let your energy have that conversation with the divine so that the most that can happen for you, in the moment, happens.


I’d like to do a brief meditation with you to help you feel the flow of your own energy. Light a Heart Blessed Herbal Candle or a Healing Blessing Kit for this meditation. For those of you that have read my book (co-written with Jacki Smith), DIY Akashic Healing, you will recognize this as the healing waters meditation.


Use your imagination to picture yourself in a meadow next to a beautiful pond filled with clear water. When you get into it you will be instructed to release something you are unhappy or angry about. That thing is your pain body. Close your eyes and take a deep slow breath.

It’s easy to see the bottom of the pond and you notice it’s the perfect depth for you to submerge your body all the way up to your chin. Step into the water and lay back. Relax your body so that you float peacefully, breathing gently, and easily.

Remember the pain body and ask your body to let go. Release all of the negative thoughts and emotions around this wound. Soon you’ll see the dark cloudy mist of this pain body release into the waters. Let it go, don’t think about anything, and just let it go. As it completely detaches from you watch as it dissolves into the water. Then watch as the cloudiness in the water turns crystal clear. Take a nice, deep, slow breath and finish releasing your pain body. This pain will never be thought or felt by you again.


Now come out of the water, lay in the grass, and let the sun dry and warm you. Notice sparkly white light coming down from above entering into your aura and physical body. This light is filling all the places where you let go of your negativity. It’s tingly and uplifting, too. It makes you more centered, balanced, energized, and ready to embrace your life in an inspired way. The sparkles have finished filling your body and it’s time to wake up. Give thanks for this blessing.


Take a deep breath, open your eyes, refocus on the room and welcome yourself back. Ground yourself by thinking of being rooted like a tree into the earth. You can do this meditation as often as you like.

In addition to being the co-owner of Coventry Creations, Patty Shaw is the author of Healers Almanac and co-authored DIY Akashic Wisdom with Jacki Smith. Patty is a Minister with UCM (Universal Church of the Masters) and earned her Reiki Master degree in 1999. She is also a spiritual counselor and works with the Akashic Records during healing sessions.