HEALINGTis the season for parties, gatherings, and celebrations among your friends, family, co-workers, and fellow parishioners. Ah, the joy of gathering with those you love and respect. Smiles and cheer are plenty, along with good food and drink. How does one prepare themselves for such demanding festivities? As we have all experienced, perfect parties are a fantasy and something will always happen to spoil the mood.

I thought I would share my practice for navigating holiday parties with grace.


First of all, tone down your triggers and hide those buttons. This will help you stay neutral in the moment and feel virtually invulnerable. Light a Needed Changes Blessed Herbal Candle, affirm that you are willing to make personal changes to attract positive engagements 99% of the time. Hey, we have to be realistic here.


As the candle burns, visualize all your expectations for a perfect holiday surrounded in bubbles of gold light. Imagine they become like Christmas ornaments and hang them on an imaginary tree. They will stay there until you take them down. Now take all your memories of disappointing holidays and put them in silver bubbles. Hang them on the same tree in your mind. Now picture a golden bubble around the whole tree. Take this tree and place it in your Akashic record room. Imagine that it has happened, and it is so or ask an archangel to help you out and do it for you. This is how you take control of your triggers and buttons of your past experiences. It will make you less vulnerable to your own emotions and the emotions of others.


From now until after the last party or gathering, burn the Stability Blessed Herbal Candle. You only need to burn it for a few hours a day to be effective. You may want to keep a few of these candles on hand.


Before each party you go to light the Happy Home Blessed Herbal Candle for at least an hour before you leave. Remember to blow it out before you leave the house. If the party is happening at your home, make a beautiful center piece with this candle burning brightly. Light it at least an hour before guests arrive. If you are feeling stressed, light it sooner. Another great candle to burn at this time is the Spiritual Cleansing Blessed Herbal candle. In fact, you may want to add a few more Coventry Candles to help you keep the energy of your home and your soul light and clear. See our website, www.coventrycreations.com or your local metaphysical gift store for our full selection. Happy holidays!

In addition to being the co-owner of Coventry Creations, Patty Shaw is the author of Healers Almanac and co-authored DIY Akashic Wisdom with Jacki Smith. Patty is a Minister with UCM (Universal Church of the Masters) and earned her Reiki Master degree in 1999. She is also a spiritual counselor and works with the Akashic Records during healing sessions. You can make an appointment with Patty through the Candle Wick Shoppe, 248-547-2987. Learn more about Patty at www.HealingWithPattyShaw.com.