sept 2015 healing magic picClever words really. Being the change you wish to see. How beautiful it is to just stop and embrace the idea to be the change you wish to see. It’s music to your soul. Yet, after the rush of such inspiration and you come back to ground zero, what does it really mean?

In general, it means whatever you need it to mean. Being the change we wish to see is a more positive and polite way of saying, life sucks, my life sucks and I want it to look different, I want it now and I am willing to change to get it.

Being the change you wish to see, is meant to be inspirational. It’s meant to remind us that we have much more control and power that we think we do. It’s just the creative thinking that is needed to start something very life changing. It’s meant to be the wakeup call to a soul that is churning the “my life sucks” belief pattern.

Being the change you wish to see is also a call to action and our chest either swells or collapses on that thought. If you, like so many of us, experience a deflating sense of self when you try to put these powerful words into practice there is help.

First we have to do something about the negative programming that pops up from your subconscious. The subconscious mind does not create thought, it stores its. The old adage garbage in, garbage out describes your subconscious process perfectly. So thoughts that say being powerful is scary and life sucks will be served up on silver platter every time you assert yourself or do anything to improve the quality of your life. I hope you are beginning to see the trap here and that your will is not enough to counter this dilemma. To align your subconscious with your consciousness and your reality you have to clear it. Just like wiping a hard drive, you have to remove the programming that sabotages your happy life. Once you release negative programming from your subconscious the positive ones can take center stage and your subconscious mind will be your champion for the rest of your life.

From a magical perspective you could say you’ve cursed yourself by filling your subconscious with so much negative thinking. Here at Coventry Creations we have a couple of fantastic candles that work awesome when it comes to breaking curses and removing jinxes. In the Motor City Hoo Doo line we have the Uncrossing candle. Burn this candle during a meditation. Ask that all negative thoughts, beliefs and patterns held in your subconscious be removed. It helps if you know what your trigger is. Like in our example above, the fear of being powerful and believing you can be the change you wish to see.

In our Blessing Kit line we have Jinx Removing kit. Light these candles to help you stop habitual, repetitive negative behavior so you can choose the desired behavior with more ease. In order to be the change, you need to be able to act the part until it’s a part of you. You will know this when being the change is as natural as breathing.

I have a powerful spell for you as well. This month we are launching our Witches Union Spell Casters Club. Here is the Curse Breaker Spell. With it you can make a clean sweep of your negative response habits.


Evil Eye Witches Brew Candle

Evil Eye oil

Garlic cloves

Small stones

Black cloth or bag


1.Anoint your feet, hands, back of neck, heart and crown with a drop of oil.

Light the candle, say the spell on the candle and pass the candle through your aura in the front, back, left and right. Please be careful. You are working with an open flame. Tie up your hair and loose clothing.

2.Place a clove of garlic and small stone in the black cloth, put 5 drops of oil and tie up the cloth. Clear your entire aura with the black pouch you made. Say the spell 2 more times. Dispose of the pouch in a trash away from your home.

3.Put a small stone, close of garlic and a drop of oil above every door and window in your home while reciting the spell to clear any hidden curses and create a fortress of protection. Do this step even though you are doing a spell on yourself. This will help you stop accepting negative energy, thoughts and words from others.

Remember that you are customizing this spell to reveal and break your habit of negative thinking. If you know what your negative thoughts are, great. Focus on that. If you are not sure (because they are buried that deep), work on a general clearing of negative thoughts in the subconscious. When you understand what they are go back and do this spell again and name your negative thoughts, beliefs and habits.

Now you are ready to be the change you wish to see in your life. Hooray for you.

Patty Shaw is co-owner of Coventry Creations, author, teacher, Reiki Master and Akashic Record Healer. For appointments call 248-547-2987 or go