healing magicShe did it again! Jacki created something that really knocked my socks off. Have you seen The Witches Union yet? I did actually squee. I know, not very classy, but I couldn’t help it. The concept, the graphics, and the community it will create, let alone the fun we’ll have is all there.

A witches union that provides new spells and new teachings in spell crafting every month! Awesome.

When she first started crafting this idea I had to leave the room. I was bursting with excitement and I knew it was not time to put my two cents in. Never one to interrupt the creative flow, I made myself busy in the factory and waited until she was done. Every once and awhile I got a sneak peak as it is her style to check in with me to bounce off her ideas. I am her creative sounding board after all. It was coming together so well. The art, the words, the spells were all so fun. “Who wouldn’t want to become a card carrying witch after they see this?” I said to myself.

By the time she was ready for the reveal everything from the membership card to the spell kits were perfect. I could tell she had a blast working it all out and I couldn’t wait to read it all. I thought to myself, wow, what a great way to connect people, Coventry Creations, and life enhancing magic. It’s something we’ve been working on for 23 years. Helping people improve the quality of their life is our passion, vision and mission.

So here’s the scoop. The Witches Union is designed to help people like you bring a little more alignment in your life using spells crafted by Coventry Creations (Jacki), Coventry products and some household items. Every month or so, a new spell crafters club recipe and Spell Box will be made available online and in your favorite store where Coventry products are sold. We are starting out with four Spell Casters Club Recipe cards using Witches Brew products and four Spell Boxes using our other products. You are gonna love these.

The four Spell Caster Club Recipe cards are, Guts and Glory Spell, Curse Breaker Spell, Money Bags Spell, and Wildly Successful Spell. The four Spell Boxes are, The Gratitude Spell Box, The Ancestor Altar Spell Box, The Spiritual Cleansing Spell Box and The Jinx Removing Spell Box. Each Spell Box will include what you need to do the spell. The Spell Crafters Club Recipe cards include directions and the list of what you will be supplying to make each spell truly your own. You will also get your official Spell Caster Club Witches Union card with your purchase.

We want you! to join our Witches Union for the fun, magic and positively beautiful ways we can all change the world, together. Post to our Facebook at coventry creations or tag us on instagram @coventrycandles. Proclaim what it means to you to be a witch. Tweet us @coventryc #beingawitch.

Patty Shaw is co-owner of Coventry Creations, author, teacher, Reiki Master and Akashic Record Healer. For appointments call 248-547-2987 or go to www.HealingwithPattyShaw.com.