Bringing the message back home.

Bringing the message back home.


Celebration BoardWhen I was in Omaha I heard, “You must be great to work for, I would learn so much from you.

”  This got me thinking about my crew and how much of my message I actually share with them.   I prepare diligently for my classes, I nurture my customers, I write inspirational blogs… but how much do I bring home to my crew?

I realized that when walk in the door at 9am I am in work mode.

  I am moving around all the chess pieces in my head, thinking about what I can check off my to-do list, and then write a blog about mission statements and having a vision for your future.  My staff is filled with wonderful people who truly care about each other, they are loyal to their jobs, they are invested in the success of Coventry and I forgot to bring them into the overall vision.


They all know how much I care about and appreciate the, but do they know the amazing things Coventry facilitates?  Do they know the vision of the company?  Do I spend the time and care with them that I do my students?   It was a wakeup call and I was determined to bring it all home to them... in a way they could connect with.

For two months, Patty and I planned and prepared for an Employee Enrichment Day.  We painted the lunch room (and front foyer of the factory), put up wall art, product pictures and most importantly a Celebration Board.   This 4’ x 5’ cork board was filled with pictures of our staff and their families, a statement telling each other what they were most proud of and then we all wrote something we liked about each other and put that under each picture.  

The evolution of the celebration board was an event in its self.  As Patty put up one more round of statements we all would gather around and see what new love notes went up.   As new pictures came in we would ohhh and ahhh and ask about who is in the picture and get a few extra stories about each other.    When the big employee meeting day arrived everyone was excited to see what else Patty and I had in store for them.

The enrichment was a building of self discovery to a place where we could all see each other for our uniqueness and then see how we all can fit together.  We talked about our blind spots, our assumptions, touched upon our own principles and culminated with Vision and Mission Statements for each department.

It was fascinating and rewarding to open up to my staff and create a safe space for them to open up to us and each other.  We all walked away empowered to do our jobs.  It’s now my job to maintain this positive attitude and keep it on track for everyone.  As the saying goes; “Any organization is only as strong as its leader.”




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