Today especially, here in Ferndale, MI, it is a magical day with sunny 65 degrees, birds chirping and a fresh smell in the air.

Days like today all I want to do is fill up with this Earth Mother Magic. Days like today I don’t even mind bugs or exercise. I just want to bottle up the experience and open it on some future miserable day to fill myself with this feeling again. On the other hand, I could capitalize on this energy and make a little magic of my own. Follow me on quick walk of magic and healing – where we can astonish ourselves, just a little bit.

Get comfy, get mellow and release those daily frustrations. Breathe a few times – deeper each time, in both breath and consciousness. Wiggle your toes and fingers, and if you can, wiggle your nose. Feel yourself settle into your body, aligning your spirit within.

Take one more deep breath and open your heart chakra; front and back. While you are at it, open your root chakra and your crown chakra too. Fill yourself with the rhythm of nature, the cycle of life. Fill yourself with the pulse of the universe. Sit with this a while. Maybe a little more than a quick while, lose yourself in this symphony of magic.

Once you are fully immersed in this song of creation, you start to hear little discordant and off beat notes. These are the parts of you that are not happy. These are the parts that are not in agreement with your soul and need a bit of attention. Start with the most obvious discord and follow its thread deep within you. At the base of the thread you find your trouble. It is always something manageable and understandable and you see what needs some love and healing.

Ask for your guardian and healer spirit guides to come in and help you to understand this lesson, to heal it and clear it. Sit with this healing for a while, let it unravel at its own pace – time means nothing here. When you are done, listen to how the part of you is now in tune with the songs that Earth Mother has brought to you. Travel back up this chord to your heart. Allow yourself to become more and more present in the moment, bringing with you this new knowledge. Settle into your body again, realign your chakras for daily living and come back to the room.

You have a new astonishment in your soul! You have a new soul tendency and a new way of thinking. Now you just need a few things to anchor this new reality into your daily living. Carry some stones, light a magical Coventry candle, wear some oil and just enjoy this new part of you.