What I got instead was a journey of spiritual awakening (like that is a surprise in my world).  In my journey to learn more about the Arch Angels and I was gifted with lessons on how they really work in your life.

I embraced working with the angels so fully that I swear I was dispelling demons with the intestinal flu I got a week before Patty and I were to leave for our trip where we were teaching this class.   I lay in bed thinking this may just be the time where the flu kills me and I call to Arch Angel Raphael to heal me.   I immediately got an answer; “I am healing you”.   Ach!  What a way to heal!   I understood though at that moment I was ready to release the cause and effect that I had been going though in several lessons; I was ready to surrender the negative energy that was keeping me in that process and move forward into a new balance.   AKA, I was done with the lesson, but was hanging on to the energy of it.


This really got me thinking and talking about cause and effect or the process we go through to learn the lessons that we serve up to ourselves throughout our lives.   It got me thinking about how magic helps us with the “process”.   When you call upon an Arch Angel to empower your magic, they are bound by the intention of your will, meaning that they won’t show up and take care of your problems without an invitation and they will leave as soon as you decide you don’t want to continue the process of getting through that life lesson.  

Whether you call them Angels or divine beings, or Diva’s or gods and goddesses or Saints, or Loa, or Orisha they all respond the same way.   When you call to them, they fill you with their energy and support your process; when you hit the block and give up and push that energy away so you can wallow in self sabotage and pity, they leave.  It’s not them abandoning you, it’s you filling yourself with negativity so you don’t feel them or connect with them anymore.   

So why do we do that?  Why do we disconnect from the divine and fill ourselves up with negativity?  There are so many personal answers to that and finding your own is the key to completing your process.   We need the process to learn the big lessons.  We need to fail and hurt and be frustrated so we can fully embrace the solution.   Embrace the cause and effect; learn your process so you can get through it and get to the answers. When you short cut it, make a miracle happen without learning the lesson you get an engraved invitation to revisit the drama that you have not cleared from your life yet. 

All of this seems to contradict each other, doesn’t it?  It doesn’t.   It actually works together if you pay attention to your process; your cause and effect and ask for assistance to get thought it.   When you ask the Light (the divine by any name); “Why am I here and doing this?” and then sit still for the answer you get the next clue.   When you invite in the Light to fill in all those dark places and then respond with kindness and extending this light into your world (building a new spiritual habit) you will be changed.   When you invite this magical energy into the tools that you use to get through your process (aka- candles) they will hold the energy while you work through the issue and the block you can get through it quicker.  

When you try and skip the lesson or the wisdom that you will find in the journey of your growth, you won’t be prepared for the next time this issue pops up.  Then you are stuck in a worse place, frustrated and cursing God for your bad luck.  When you embrace the lesson and the wisdom it brings then the next time around will be nothing but a blip on your spiritual radar.  You got this baby!   Embrace the lesson and surrender it to the Divine; that combination is unstoppable. 

Jacki Smith


Coventry Creations

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