The art of being awesome

Live the Magic - The Art of Being AwesomeI bought myself an early birthday present. It has become a sacred icon to

my journey of fully awakening my awesomeness. I stepped into the gallery, saw a painting by Naomi Haverland(, of an unabashedly, messy and colorful girl and I finally understood.

I saw her and realized that I am already here, in the place of awesome and I need to celebrate it! I don’t need to awaken “Awesome”, I needed to embrace what is already there.

As an adult, I was hesitant to claim my awesome status. Not only are there days and week that I feel small, I also worried that this state of being was to egotistical, too self-centered and too much for the people around me to handle. Who wants awesome pushed in their face when they are not feeling it too? Eventually I learned that Awesome is not a jacket you put on and show off, it’s an internal acceptance of everything you are.

The art of being awesome is not ego-centric, it’s inner-child-centric. Awesome is when are living from your true self. Don’t worry if you don’t know what that is, your eternal child has been holding it safe for you through those adult and the experiences that distance you from your core essence.

Awesomeness is a combination of your passion, your reason for living, and all of your fears blended together giving you momentum to travel forward in life. These three things balance each other and define the path you take and the paths you choose not to.

Awesome is not invincible, but is vulnerable. It's using your passion and your personality to overcome those fears by moving through then even though you may be terrified. Without the courage that comes from fears you can never grow past your perceived limitations.

The art of being awesome is not about convincing people to be awesome too, but about showing people that embracing your awesomeness is more healing than never touching that great power that is within you.

Jacki Smith

President, Enchantress and Trouble Maker

Coventry Creations

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