June-CMODestiny, purpose, goals and deepest desires all need that peak level of personal power to manifest.   Unfortunately we do an excellent job of getting in the way of that peak power and sabotage it’s manifestation.  We do this because we have old programming that tells you to short circuit yourself to keep yourself small and safe amongst other reasons.     We ask the Coventry Magic Oracle what candles and energy we can use to push through the blocks and into our peak energy.

Love’s Enchantment, Sacred White Sage and It Sucks To Be You are the candles that answer your question.   Love’s Enchantment to open you up to the love and abundance of the universe.  Sacred White Sage to rejuvenate and clear away the stress of our daily challenges and  It Sucks To Be You is used to cut out the external negative influences that continue to sabotage your growth.   

As I contemplate these candles and their magical energy I can see the smooth flow that they create.  Every month I learn something new about the Coventry candles through the oracle.   How amazing it si to use relationship energy of Love’s Enchantment to create a deeper connection with the divine and open up those fearful, damaged and untrusting areas of your spirit and fill them with the divine!    How perfect is it that Sacred White Sage is on deck to heal those damaged parts?  Perfectly perfect.   Then the  It Sucks To Be You candle properties of jinx removing and evil banishing that the to obliterate the suckers and cling-ons that suck your energy away before you get to experience it brings the whole spell into balance

Light all these candles in separate holders and place them in separate areas of same room.   They all work individually to create the change you need and collectively to help you manifest your peak powers.  

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