CMO Reading JanuaryGoals; we all have them, dream about them, think about their potential and then wait for them to manifest.   Creating your goal is the first step in manifesting magic and it is only the first step.   When you make a goal and strive for this change in your life you will be awakening the blocks, fears and shame that have stopped you in the past and can stop your forward momentum.  

To achieve the goal you have in mind you must make changes in your life.  These changes are necessary to make room for this goal to manifest.  Think about it like cleaning out the junk in your garage so you can bring your new car home.  You have to clean out the junk – the spiritual blocks – so that your new ideal has a place to take root. 

When I asked the Coventry Magic Oracle what needs to change to achieve my goals this is the advice given:

Your hidden goal and deepest desire – Meditation Affirmation Candle

This card and candle tells you to go deeper.  When you still yourself, your mind and your perpetual motion for a moment to really listen to your heart it will tell you everything you need to know.   This investment of time and personal connection is worth it to make sure your goal is in alignment with your higher purpose in life.  You may be working from the expectations of others or your own Should thoughts.   If you put all of your energy into the wrong direction you will only create frustrations and ineffectual effort.

What you need to heal to achieve your goal – Lakshmi World Magic Candle

The Lakshmi candle and card tell you that stress and personal expectations have clogged your direct line to the divine.   Stress is a powerful block; it is the great liar that sabotages your personal success before you can even attempt and changes.    Lakshmi, the Hindu goddess of wealth has 8 manifestations, all dealing with the stress that comes with financial issues.   She knows all about stress and when you ask for her help, she helps you remember what it feels like to be stress free and connected with the divine. 

What you need to clear to achieve your goal – Money Draw Blessed Herbal Candle

The Money Draw candle is always auspicious in a place of clearing because what you are clearing is the bad luck that had been holding you back.  Luck is not as fickle and fated as it seems; it is the manifestation of wild magic.  Wild magic is the energy that you are generating with the actions your take and words you speak in your daily life. When you do a good deed without expectation of reward you are creating positive wild magic.  When you speak hurtful things of others or yourself you are generating negative wild magic, thus bad luck.  The Money Draw candle clears out the bad luck by drawing in lots of good luck to replace it with.

Add this Coventry Magic to manifesting your goals and you will begin the healing process that clears these blocks once and for all.   Start with the Meditation candle for several days to get in touch with You.  Then light the Lakshmi and Money Draw candles together to lift your spirit and get ready to heal.   

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