Getting Messages from Spirit with the Coventry Magic Oracle

We are taking the Coventry Magic Oracle on a different path this month and using it not just to find out what candles you need for your next spell, but as a way to receive messages from your spirit guides.   Just like any oracle, your guides will use the Coventry deck to send you the message that you need to hear today.

When I was meditating on the first Coventry Magic Oracle I ever made I asked my guides how they knew what card to give me since this was a new, untried system.   Sure, I had it all in MY head since I wrote (with their help) the messages on the cards, but how would a customer’s spirit guide know how to direct the cards for their messages?   I was told that it is all in the shuffle.   

Choose your shuffle ; the riffle, the overhand, the weave, the cut, or just spreading them around on a table to give them a good mix.  It is the act of touching them, opening their energy to your spirit guides and giving them time to absorb the messages of the cards that they can guide you to the card that holds the message they have for you.   Now you need a question to ask.

There is probably much going on your head when you are reaching out to your spirit guides.  There are muddles ideas, desperate thoughts and a need for a hero to rescue some part of your life.   Slow your roll Tex and get focused before you ask your question.    Work all of your angst into one line, one question and one focus.   Ask for guidance with a specific issue or challenge; ask for inspiration in dealing with your fear or issue.   You will be tempted to elongate your question so it encompasses 2 or more questions, don’t.  Keep your question simple, you can always ask another.   Once you have your question you need to pick a spread.

Know how many cards you are going to pull before you do so as each spread holds a different meaning for you.  Pull one card for one answer.  Two cards to show what you are seeing and what is hidden.  Three cards for body, mind & spirit.  4 Cards for past, present, future and personal block.  Or pull 5 cards to get a message in every area of your life.

One Question - One Card – This is where you get a very focused and direct answer from your guides.  Before you pull the one card, choose what subject your question is in and read that message.   Even if you read all 5 messages on the card, you will see a theme that relates to you.

Two cards to reveal – Choose 2 cards, this first card is how you are seeing the situation in question, the second card is the advice or what you have been hiding from yourself.    Look at the cards together; the more opposed they are to each other the more you have been hiding from the truth.   There will be a message on each card that stands out to you. Pay attention, it’s your spirit guides talking.

Three card body, mind, spirit – This spread is to get advice and guidance on how to bring balance into your life.   The first card is body, read the message for prosperity.   The second card is for mind, read the message for clearing.  The third card if for spirit, and read the healing message.

Four-square to find your block – Your guides want to show you the pattern in your life that has built the block you are working through at this moment.   Use the Four Square spread when you are feeling lost or blocked in your daily life. There will be one message of theme of the card that will jump out at you for each position.   Card 1 – The past belief that is at the core of this issue.  Card 2 – the Present issue that your past belief is affecting.   Card 3 – A message for your future if you work on this issue.  Card 4 – The block that is stopping your progress.   Put all 4 messages together and find the pattern in your life.

5 cards for a whole life – Each card you draw is for one of the 5 messages; Prosperity, Love, Healing, Protection and Clearing.   Each area of your life gets a message from your guide and you will be amazed and surprised.

As you read the messages your guides are giving you there will be something that stands out; a word, phrase or idea that resonates with you.   If you don’t understand it right away, let yourself contemplate that message and see how it plays out in your life.  Above all else, relax, enjoy and play a little!!!

Let us know of your success with the spirit guide readings – we want to hear and share your wisdom with others (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

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