What do I need to do turn my own tide, and get my situation back on track?  If you have discovered that your plans are not working out or that your profit margin has gone poof, this is the reading for you.  Maybe this is not a financial situation at all for you. Perhaps you are dealing with a broken heart, the answers still apply.  You will need to do some reading between the lines to make the answers more personal.


CMO-NovWe asked what is underneath the confusion and disappointment of a derailed project and got this message.  As you work through your own version of turning the tide, pop into The Candle Wick Shoppe in Ferndale, or hit us up on line and pick up these three candles.  They will really help.

The three card reading

What you need to HealWitches Purse Witches Brew Candle.  You’ve been to close to the situation, kinda down and in and forgot to manage the big picture.  Now you’re results don’t match your mission statement and nothing looks familiar and possibly you have a money pit on your hands.  It’s time to ask for help from an expert and get a new set of eyes on the situation.

What you need to ClearFemale Energies Blessed Herbal Candle. We all want growth, but currently it’s going in the wrong direction and you need to put the brakes on.  Stop, drop and roll; ‘cause you are on fire and it’s out of control and consuming all that you worked hard for.  Clear out your expectations, douse that fantasy of what the future will bring and refocus on what’s really going on right now.  Measure the details against your original plan, then let go of what’s not working and begin again.

What you’re ready to manifestFast Cash Wicked Witch Mojo Candle. After evaluating the situation and making the changes needed you are ready to make this situation pay in cold hard cash, or immediate success in some way.  Crisis minimized and you have turned your titanic around and missed that iceberg of a disaster.  The secret is to stop what you are doing and pay attention to the reality of the situation and then act.  


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