Nov CMO how to clear negative spiritual habitsI have a hard time asking the Coventry Magic Oracle a big blanket question for the world, but with all the astrological

influences of late combined with this triggering time of year, there may just be a universal push on a particular spiritual habit. I used the REM spread (Remove, Energize, Manifest).

The Oracle cards did not let me down….

Remove – Flying Monkeys Wicked Witch Mojo

It’s time to get the Monkey off your back and using a flying one is perfect. This is about all the emotional and spiritual junk you no longer need in your life. The old issues that crop back up, the old hurts that keep cropping back up and the drama that you keep stirring the pot on.

Light this candle and let your mind drift to the ways you have behaved that you are not pleased with. The time you spoke about someone behind their back, or when you over reacted, or when you forgot to hold your boundaries. Let these moments of shame go so you can make room for the new spiritual habit you want to create.

Energize – Lakshmi World Magic

Lakshmi is the goddess of abundance and beauty. I am happy to energize that aspect of my life at any time! The way Lakshmi’s magic works is that she throws lotus petals at your feet to remind you of the sweetness of life. In other words, when you recognize the sweetness that lays at your own feet, more abundance will come. When you clear out the shame (Flying Monkeys Candle) you need to immediately refill with divine love and Lakshmi has unlimited amounts of that.

Light this candle to start your day, or wear her oil throughout the day to help you find all the sweetness that already surrounds you. When you focus on that, the old pains, hurts and shame that you have been holding onto will continue to dissolve.

Manifest – Heart Blessed Herbal Candle

This is the perfect culmination for this Coventry Magic Oracle Reading. Spiritual Habits begin and end in the heart. When you let go of the shame of the past and refill with gifts you have in your present you are able to create the future your heart desires. This is where you begin to define the new Spiritual Habits that are taking the place of the old unhealthy ones.

Light this candle and let it do its work. Make a list of the new spiritual habits you really want to manifest. Review that list 24 hours later and see if they still feel true. Now tell someone you trust about these things you want to make a positive habit and see if it still makes sense and feels good. If at any time you need to change your list – do so – because this is what you are working on manifesting!

Now….. go make some magic and change your world!