December Coventry Magic OracleWhen you are in the middle of your magical crisis, or spiritual hangover that this magical transformation has created, you are living in the past and

the future at the same time. You are trying to reconcile who you used to be before this magical healing and who you want to be after you put in the work.

The key to moving thru this transformation and not reverting back to your last known coping mechanism (the one that got you in trouble in the first place) is to get into the present moment and become the catalyst for change that you need.

This is one of hardest parts of spiritual evolution and we all need back up!

I asked the Coventry Magical Oracle: “What magic is needed to get into the now and become the change that I need. “ The cards I got were completely unexpected. (This is why I love the CMO)

Luck - AffirmationInner Beauty - AffirmationCome To Me - Hoo Doo Candle

I asked for a general reading of the energy needed and this is what each position means.

Luck Affirmation - To awaken your hidden goal and deepest desire – This candle will help you see every opportunity to manifest your desires that is already in your life. The power that you have hidden from yourself is still there, working on making your life better; your fears are the blinders that stop you from seeing them. The Luck energy helps you see past those blinders.

Inner Beauty Affirmation – To heal the issue that blocks your goal – As you peel away the layers of negativity and self-defeating thoughts that have been blocking your energy, you will discover that you are a child of light and a keeper of beauty. When you can see your inner beauty your personal power increases 1000 times, making everything possible.

Come To Me Motor City Hoo Doo Candle – to clear the external obstacle that is blocking your path - It’s time to call in the validation that you are where you need to be and are walking the right path. Use these candles to call the support, love and comfort you need to fill in all the empty and scary spots you are uncovering in this step.

Light all three candles at the same time and visualize yourself surrounded by the energy in the candles. Feel your spiritual batteries being charged and your inner strength growing. Now go forth and be the magic! (of course never leaving a burning candle unattended)