CMO How do I find empowermentJanuary will be a unique month, with Mercury Retrograde interfering with our best laid New Year intentions. The issues of responsibility, accountability and personal

power will keep kicking you in the teeth all month. So I asked the Coventry Magic Oracle, “How do I up my energy and find Empowerment in this time of personal accountability?”

Without letting me down, the oracle did it again with presenting me these three cards/candles

HIgh John - Motor City Hoo Doo

Energy and Will - Blessed Herbal Candle (or oil)

Inner Beauty - Affirmation Candle

I used the General Spread for this oracle reading - to Awaken, to Heal and to Clear

Awaken - High John tells us that we need to find our own inner strength and awaken the part of us that can turn any adversity into an opportunity. High John helps us to become the ruler in our inner life even if we are at the whim of others in the outer life.

Heal - Energy & Will reminds us that to fully heal or empower ourselves we need to ensure that our will is in alignment with our soul’s core purpose. When these things are at odds we drain our own resources. Use this candle or oil in meditation to bring all parts of our soul and personality into alignment.

Clear - Inner Beauty is all perception and this candle tells us that we need to clear out the judgement and expectations of others that may be covering up our light, our beauty and our love. The more you see your own inner beauty, the more you will see that in others. The more you see that in your world, the more you accept your own beauty. It is an empowering and healing cycle.

January Empowerment Spell -

Light the High John and Inner Beauty candles and place your picture face up between them. Anoint the photo with the Energy Oil (or place the Energy and WIll candle on top of your picture). Anoint your feet and your crown with the Energy Oil every day for 21 days. You will discover how much more empowered you feel in stressful circumstances and how much of your own energy you retain throughout the day.