CMO FebThis draw of the Coventry Magic Oracle cards stumped me. They didn’t quite make sense and I got nervous about writing this reading… until I did what the

cards said and got out of my own damn way.

I am excited about lighting this set of candles and working the magic – really excited. You see I have been traveling along the same astrological road as you all – getting tumbled around by Mercury, Saturn and Jupiter squaring off, in my face! It’s a been a time of getting pulled and pushed by the fears of the political and honestly, this level of crazy is not what I signed up for. I need to refresh and reinvent my reactions to the world. I need to craft the best me and then get the hell out of my own way.

These three candles are going to be game changing, and I am going to let them.

Full Moon – Drawing Down the Moon
Spiritual Cleansing – Motor City Hoo Doo
Poof! – Wicked Witch Mojo

If I read them in order of, My Deepest desire - What I need to heal - What I need to clear, it makes perfect sense, especially when applied as an overall magical spell that anyone can do.

Awaken your deepest desire with the Full Moon Drawing down the moon candle. This candle wants you to dive deep, under the surface of what you “should” want, into what you really want. We hide that true desire and protect it from disappointment and ridicule – yet when we do that we are slowly killing ourselves. Light this candle and let your mind drift – meditate a little and unwind. Light the candle every morning while you get ready for the day (blow it out before you leave) and then pay attention to the life around you and your reactions to it. There will be so many clues to your deepest desires because you are asking the universe to show them to you.

There is much that needs to be cleared, for us to heal enough, to begin manifesting those desires. The Spiritual Cleansing Motor City Hoo Doo candle begins the process of doing the heavy lifting so your healing can begin. Light the candle while you are listing out all the things in your way to awakening and fulfilling your deepest desires. As you list them, allow them to flow out of you and into the candle. Put the list under the candle holder and relight the candle every day, making that commitment to release these limitations from your spirit.

Then there is the final letting go of the expectations of others that hold you back. The Poof! Wicked Witch Mojo candle helps you clear the land around you of toxic environments, nay-sayers and situations that drain. This doesn’t mean everyone is going away, but that you will see them in a new perspective and have the clarity to make changes accordingly. Light the candle when you are at home and wear the oil when you go out into the world. You will see people in a new light with a new understanding and when you get home to process this new information you will be able to come to an empowered clarity as to you next move.

Imagine your life in clarity? Clear thought and confidence on every action because you know it is leading you toward your dreams.