CMO MarchSometimes magic needs to be overtly obvious. It’s ok to be rid of the subtle symbolism and get right to the meat of the issue and just turn

the key of your intent and make magic happen.

This month’s Coventry Magic Oracle card draw does just that, it is very obvious in its intent and simplifies the process to 1, 2, 3 and done! Vulnerabilities can be a lifelong process of healing and messy in their emotional baggage and drama. Vulnerabilities are like Mama Bears’ cubs and we can get very protective of them to the state of inaction and destruction. So how do we create just the right amount of protection around them so we can still heal and grow?

These three candles are going to be the formula for owning the power of your vulnerabilities and learning how they serve you.

Money Draw - Blessed Herbal Candle

Truth and Justice - Blessed Herbal Candle

Flying Monkeys – Wicked Witch Mojo

I look at these cards as a story of actions to be taken to get to your intended goal of protecting your vulnerabilities and growing from their understanding. You can’t have protection without understanding what you are protecting and why.

1 - Money Draw tells us to draw our resources close. These are the resources that make your life easier, less stressful and more fun and isn’t necessarily a material item. Pull to you all the things that strengthen you and your personal standing. When you burn this candle with the intent of drawing to you and making apparent your resources, you will be surprised who and what gets notices.

2 - Truth and Justice tells you that it is time to take the blinders off, open your eyes and find clarity. Not only to see all of your resources, but to see yourself as a powerful resource in your own life. It’s time to open your eye to the truths you have been turning a blind eye too. The toxic relationships, the destructive behavior and all the things that are keeping your vulnerabilities raw and painful

3 -The Flying Monkeys candle is all about calling up your protective energies and surrounding yourself with them. In the story of OZ, the Wicked Witch’s monkeys loved her. They were her protection and were eager to please. Look at your protective forces in the same way. They do love you and it’s time to make friends with that protective, powerful side of your magic. Your Flying Monkeys have your back and let them do the work for you so you can focus on healing the vulnerabilities and turning them into strengths. Better yet, get the oil to go with the candle and wear that protection wherever you go!

Light these candles one day at a time and allow yourself to work the steps they suggest and giving yourself time to see the magic in action – thus making your next step that much more powerful.