April CMO Spiritual CleansingTying April with spring cleaning is easy. We finally open the windows and blow away the cobwebs, we step outside and breath deep the fresh air.

Rebirth, renewal and cleansing are the energies in motion right now so step into the flow and allow this cleansing to go deep and create some healing for yourself.

As I ask this question and draw cards for my readers, the Oracle speaks to us of exactly that - Going deep, releasing what does not serve us and allowing ourselves to be healed from it.

These three candles or oils are going to be the formula for deepening the cleansing you are doing this spring

Stability - Blessed Herbal Candles

Sacred White Sage - World Magic Candle

Healing - Blessed Herbal Candle

This story of magic is a powerful one and honestly, tap right into the energy of the season. They encourage us to drive bravely into our own abyss and release the emotions, beliefs and fears that no longer serve us. If you have already read my 6 powerful ways to conquer hate with love Live the Magic article for April, you will see how this is the perfect formula for the work you are doing this month.

1 - Stability tells us to ground ourselves in reality, spread our roots deep so we can release what no longer serves us into the earth. This candle holds you steady and brings you confidence to look bravely into your own abyss.

2 - Sacred White Sage is the catalyst to release what you have found. That is its job, to clear from you the energy that does not serve you and clear it from every level, in every way through every dimension.

3 - Healing is the journey that we are all on and this is an opportunity to do some deep healing and transformation. The color and scent of this candle help you rise above that hurt that is keeping you in a place of brokenness to see what it feels like to be whole. What a gift - to be able to heal from that point - giving yourself a head start.

Light the 3 candles and either with your journal or a trusted healing partner, dive deep, ask yourself the hard questions and allow the cleansing to happen on levels of the self.