May CMO470May’s focus is centered on jobs, career, and finance for some very good reasons. We’re told to make hay while the sun shines and it is time to

plant the seeds. Late spring is the early reminder of the bounty of fall. What happens when you cannot see the budding promise surrounding you? It may seem ridiculous to have a fear of success, but think of how often you get in the way of your own success.

How do I stop fearing abundance?

As I ask this question and draw cards for my readers and the Oracle tells us to shake off our fears, let go of the past, and sashay into prosperity.

Use these candles to release your fears and welcome success.

To Illuminate the Way - Lakshmi World Magic Candle

Lakshmi, the Hindu goddess of wealth and abundance challenges us to embody her courage and seek a deeper understanding of the root of the fear. She illuminates our true desires and opens the gates to prosperity. Our Lakshmi World Magic Candle is violet, the scent sweet, and the energy is generous, loving and encouraging. Lakshmi scatters lotus blossoms under our feet so that we may walk away from our resistance to abundance.

For Healing - Red Stilettos Wicked Witch Mojo Candle

The Wicked Witch Red Stilettos Candle is a reminder to put the spark back in our step and embrace life with verve. This sassy, strawberry red colored candle has a jasmine and orange blossom scent. This volcano of emotions is ready to erupt. Heal your heart, ignite your passions and claim your will to live life to its fullest.

For Clearing - Grief Blessed Herbal Affirmation Candle

Putting our lost dreams and fear based blocks to rest allows us to birth new ones. Letting go of the past allows us the room to pursue our true passions. Go ahead and mourn your failures and cry it out. Release it and allow it to become a lesson, not a defeat. Forgive your old self and celebrate your freedom from fear.

Put the Magic into Practice

Light the candles one at a time and sit with them. Open yourself to the light of Lakshmi and examine the roots of your fears. Let your mind go wild and note down your answers, no matter how silly or frightening. Ask yourself what excites you in life and write it down on the label for the Red Stiletto Candle. As you light the Grief candle whisper, “I forgive you and give myself to live fully.” Burn the candles daily and reflect on your renewed courage. Dispose of the candles and writings away from your home when they are finished.