CMOHave you watched yourself fall into a trap you knew was there but seemingly couldn’t stop yourself? Maybe you consistently trust the wrong type of person or make poor

choices without consideration or concern. Have you harmed another willfully or unintentionally?

Everyone occasionally does things that they are not proud of, but that baggage can weigh us down. Sometimes the hardest person to forgive is ourselves and our own trepasses cloud our energy and starve our souls when we don’t let go of the guilt. Accepting ourselves as we are is not easy and a part of that is letting ourselves release the pain of our own poor choices and bury the hatchet. There is no reason to stay in this state. Let go.

How do I forgive myself for past mistakes?

As I ask this question, I draw cards for my readers using the breakthrough spread. The Oracle tells us to stop berating ourselves, allow peace into our lives and release ourselves from past transgressions.

Use these candles to release pain, forgive yourself, and begin transforming that energy into a gentle compassion.

Challenge - Shut Your Mouth Wicked Witch Mojo Candle

Remember Mama’s old adage, “If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all.”? This rings true even when referring to internal monologues. The Oracle summons us to quiet the soundtrack of worthlessness and stop talking trash to ourselves. Remember, words can cure or kill. It’s time to stop running ourselves into the ground and degrading our own spirits.

Transform - Tranquil Home Motor City Hoo Doo Candle

Releasing the grief over imperfections allows a transformation of fear and guilt into a tranquil home for the heart. By accepting that negativity is simply emotion stirred up by insecurity allows an opportunity to alter that energy into a positive force for powerful change. Drawing this card encourages an examination of the fears that block us and smoothes over the arguments with that critic in our own minds. Clean house until you can’t even tell that ugly little voice was ever there.

Manifest - Emotional Balance Blessed Herbal Candle

Emotional balance is found when we begin to trust our instincts and strengthen our connection with the Divine. This card is associated with water and allows things to flow. Let tears cleanse and overwhelming emotions find release. Tap into the source of life that fulfills us and allows us to flow into our destiny. This message will help manifest a new path with ease and a swift conclusion.

Put the Magic into Practice

Take a fresh sheet of paper and list all of the nasty, degrading things your internal critic has to say on the left hand side of the paper. Don’t hold back; let that demon rage until there is nothing left. Cry if you must, but keep going. Light the Shut Your Mouth Wicked Witch Mojo Candle and sit with it until that unpleasant inner monologue stops. Once it quiets, light the Tranquil Home Motor City Hoo Doo Candle. While it burns, write the opposite sentiment across from each negative thought. Tear the sheet in half and crumple up what you are looking to get rid of. Place the positive affirmations under the Emotional Balance Blessed Herbal Candle. Chant,“I forgive you. I forgive you. I release you from the weight of these transgressions. I forgive you and set you free.” Burn the candles daily for 30 days and read your affirmations every morning.