May You Live in Interesting Times


CMOAugust is all wrapped up in road opening and clearing the way for major change. Given the focus on the contentious election

and a divided country I decided to ask the Coventry Magic Oracle for insight on how to shake off the doom of the day and move forward in troubling times.


The Oracle answered clearly and truly brought tears to my eyes. Its message speaks us of cleansing, calling for help, and a whollup of clearing the air of negativity. I implore each and every one of you to use the following to design a ritual to help soothe a desperate nation. Across party lines the need for healing is apparent; both for the U.S. and the world.


For Clearing - Sacred White Sage World Candle


Drawing the Sacred White Sage World candle provides an obvious start to begin the clearing of negativity that the news has been blaring in our faces. Light this candle and allow the calming energy to move through you and out into the world. It should not be surprising that an herb so revered by the First Peoples to show up in this reading. There are layers of healing to be done in this nation beginning with genocide, moving through slavery, racism, bigotry, rape culture, and violence of all kinds. It is also a reminder that we truly are, “One people, one planet.” and this too we can conquer together.


For Clearing - Prosperity Blessed Herbal Candle


Prosperity, in this case, is an alert that a strong guiding hand is necessary to help clean up the mess. All the money in the world won’t heal these deep wounds. While looking to politicians is important and every single vote counts, it is even more important to seek out positive leaders in our communities. Look closely in the mirror; the hero may not be as far away as you think. Each kind act adds to the abundance of love awaiting us; don’t be afraid to step forward and lead the charge of positive change.


For Clearing - Witches Brew Original Candle


The Witches Brew Original Candle aligns the earthly bodies to receive heavenly blessings and I can’t think of anything we need more. This candle bolsters the ritual with an undeniable powerhouse of energy and further fuels the spell. Allow the flame to fire up your magic, allowing it to clear the deck of anything nasty, leftover energy.


I have to admit, I went overboard on the candle ritual I crafted. In addition to the suggested candles from the Oracle I added in ones such as Happy Home Blessed Herbal, Tranquility Affirmations, Querent Caller Motor City Hoo Doo, and the Protection Blessed Herbal candle. Figured we need all the help we can get.

Keep your chins up. All things are impermanent and this too shall pass.