Living a Simple Life


CMOThis month we are focusing on keeping it simple and going back to the basics. When I was pondering what to consult the oracle

on it boiled down to one very basic question, “What is the shortest route to simplifying our lives?”. The answer was perfectly laid out. Start with home base, heal body, mind and spirit, and ask for help. I didn’t say easy, but it sure is simple.


Tranquil Home HooDoo candle


Start with the space around you; smooth over arguments, solve disputes, and bring peace to the entire household. Start at home base. Clear the air and start fresh. Clean out a closet or a cabinet to get rid of unnecessary baggage, both physical items and symbolically, spiritually as well.


Healing Blessed Herbal candle


Forgot to start that daily yoga or meditation practice you promised yourself back in January? Skipping your appointments with a therapist or spiritual counselor? Now is the time to make the little changes that add up to major healing. Magician heal thyself.


Helping Hand HooDoo candle

Admit you need help. Then ask for it. It’s that simple. Solve a problem, an issue, or overcome adversity with a little helping hand. Put out the call and you will be aided in many ways. Ask for relief from the complexities of modern life and for the clarity to see the quickest way ahead unburdened.