Who the hell are you anyway?


CMOIt’s a question of identity vs. our true selves. Many wear masks on a daily basis and only let their true selves

shine around the edges on occasion. Some don’t recognize themselves in the mirror and the question becomes how? How do we open up and allow the fullness of our spirits out into the world and this month’s Oracle reading has a very gentle remedy for our fearful selves.


Attraction/Love Blessed Herbal candle


Light the Attraction Blessed Herbal candle to displace what is bothering you with what will open the way for you. This candle shows a need of a love for one’s self; an acknowledgment of worth. It may be time to take a bubble bath or run a marathon if that is what self care looks like to you.


Come To Me Motor City Hoo Doo candle


You need to fill those empty spots in your life with those worthy of your love and you will witness a miracle of healing. Choose your friends wisely and allow them to buoy you up when your courage is slipping. There is nothing more valuable than being loved for who you truly are.


Dragon’s Blood Witch’s Brew candle

To heal something must be destroyed and it’s time to burn through what ails you. The roadblocks to allowing the true self to shine may be self inflicted or rooted in an outside influence that is allowed to remain in your life. It’s time to let go of the things that are holding you back and ignite a new light to lead the way.