CMO NOVNorman Rockwell Was an Ass


Pink cheeked children with sugarplums in their heads, a darling man in a red suit, tidy little caucasian families gathered around a

fire with cocoa clutched in their fat hands….Rationally we know that this isn’t close to the realities of the holidays. Instead of accepting the fact that this is an illusion often we hold ourselves up to the fallacy and make ourselves insane trying to fashion ourselves after a ceramic plate.


My question for the Oracle this month is simple. How do we avoid holding ourselves up to the myth of the perfect holidays?


Love’s Enchantment Blessed Herbal Candle


For Healing - Enlighten the darkness where your fears lie. Enchant yourself into a place of harmony and bliss. That’s right, love yourself enough to accept that your desire for perfection is rooted in the fear that others will judge you. Let it go. Drop out of the race.


Goddess Affirmation Candle


For Protection - The goddess warrior is here to teach you how to create stronger boundaries and be fearless as you face challenges. Once you have sorted the roots of your fears, you may find that others feel threatened and attempt to force you back into a mold no one really fits in. Misery loves company and invoking the warrior goddess will give you the support your backbone needs.


Cleo Mae Motor City Hoo Doo Candle

For Clearing - When you are in tune with your goddess bitch, boundaries are easy to hold. Truth is most people are so wrapped up in the quest for unattainable perfection they are tied up in a ribbon of of resistance and anger. Once they see someone free from the trappings of the myth they can get very nasty. Hold your ground and clear out their negativity from your life.