CMOHold Out for the Real Thing


How do we know what true happiness looks like? Is a full bank account? A happy marriage? That perfect job? It’s a

deeply personal question and these may be the superficial answers but when we go deeper, what does real happiness look like?


This month’s question for the Oracle is to shed some light on happiness. What is real happiness?


Prosperity Affirmations Candle


For Healing - Don’t fall into a trap believing that you can’t afford better health. You’re worth it. Stop putting your health second, or third, or fourth, to everything else. It’s time to prioritize. Your body is your temple and it’s time to get out the broom.


Happy Home Blessed Herbal Candle


For Clearing - Replace chaos with peace, change discord into harmony, and drive out angst with serenity. Get rid of all that spiritual garbage and bring some order to your home. Stop living in a house of cards and add some stability to your life.


Helping Home Motor City Hoo Doo Candle

For Clearing - You are not alone in this: your spirit guide, ancestors, angel, friend, or a good therapist will help you get through this crisis and leave the junk of the past behind. There is no need to go it alone. Tap into your vast support network to help sort out what happiness means to you and start taking the steps to get there!