I hate it when my day, week, month starts to spiral down into the abyss of crap.

When it feels like everything you touch turns to

into ash and what you thought was right is so, very, very wrong. Honestly, that is not the universe punishing you, that is your higher or future-self throwing you messages and they are trying to get your attention. Beyond the rare, “shit happens”, we are usually getting in our own way when all goes wrong or when we become Sisyphus rolling the boulder up the hill. There is something to learn, experience to grow from or a different direction to take. When life is throwing shade at you, throw down some Coventry Magic Oracle cards and find out why.

This pull of CMO cards is to help you dig in on your own to find your own personal WHY to your potential being held back.

How do I find what is holding back my potential?

What is my hidden Desire - Everything and Then Some Wicked Witch Mojo candle / oil - “Like the lady said, manifest what you need and want quickly and with great success”

What do I need to HealHealing Affirmation Candle - “Pay attention to your aches and pains and see a healer.”

What do I need to ClearHigh John Motor City Hoo Doo candle / oil – “Keep your bags light; it makes it easier to move on when it is time. Take only what you really need because the next step is always better than the last.”

What these three candles are telling you is that you want everything and that gives you nothing to focus on. You are so invested in what you want and feel you deserve, you are not able to see that there is something better awaiting your attention. The Everything and Then Some will help you see what you are really attached to, the Healing affirmation candle will help you see the unhealthy attachments that need to be addressed and the High John Motor City Hoo Doo will help your ego release what it thinks is best for it and open your spirit up to the change you need to make to achieve your potential.

You can light all three candles at the same time and meditate on receiving the message you need. You can also use the oils on the Healing affirmation candle; putting the Everything and Then Some oil on the left side of the candle and the High John oil on the right side of the candle. Light the candle and do the same meditation. Once you are done with your quiet moment, go about your day and pay attention to what you are discovering about yourself. You will be amazed! Keep lighting the candles daily until they are gone and track the changes you are experiencing.

I love using the Coventry products for these big healing quests because they help me process the magic at a pace that is perfect for me. This is a big healing, friends, so be nice to yourself and take care of your soul.