Live the Magic with Coventry

Empowering ourselves with daily magic
Patty is Vice Pres and candle goddess at Coventry Creations. She is also a healer with certificates in Reiki Mastery, Spiritual Counseling and Transformational Yoga. Patty organized the Ferndale Reiki Share and Dharma Room Reiki Clinic. Patty is also a published writer. Her award winning books are Healers Almanac and DIY Akashic Wisdom (co-written with Jacki Smith).
My main focus here is Customer Care rep for wholesale at Coventry Creations. I've grown up with Coventry Creations, literally, the dynamic duo of sisters of Coventry Creations are really my mom and Aunt. I have seen the various evolution of the products and has lore would tell it even had a hand in naming a candle as a wee lass. I feel so happy that I am able to work for my families company and top of everything a unique and interesting one!(I got lucky..what if they had started a paper clip company)