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Truth Spell- Cutting through the voices

JanSCCJanuary’s Spell Caster Card, included in every purchase this month, is all about the overwhelming information that we are all under siege with. Not only are we over informed, everyone around us is too and that can cause a lot of unclear voices rolling through your brain, muddying up the truth.

When you cast this spell, you are opening yourself up to the bigger, overarching truth of the situation. You will get clarity on all three sides; your truth, their truth and the real truth. Be prepared to see how you contributed to the situation too.


You will need:


Blessed Herbal candles
 Truth & Justice
 Inner Balance
 Spiritual Cleansing
Cayenne Pepper


Write out the issue you need to uncover the truth for and place that piece of paper on a large plate. On the same plate, place the Truth & Justice candle in the center, and the Inner Balance and Spiritual Cleansing on either side of the Truth & Justice candle. Light all candles stating “All agendas, lies and half-truths are cleared from this space. I am centered within my spirit and I can see the larger truth that encompasses this situation. I am open to a wider understanding and release myself from the need to be correct in my assumptions. ”

Squeeze the lemon, shake the salt and sprinkle the cayenne pepper around the rim of the plate stating, “Lies sour in my ears, half-truths are cleansed away and manipulations burn senders.”

Let the candles burn for at least 3 hours (keeping your attention on them). Relight the candle whenever you think of this situation. The truth will become apparent as people reach out to you to clarify their position or fortify their lies.

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