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Monkey wrenched again? Clarify with a Truth and Justice BHC

shattered illusion

By Krystal A. Hubbard

Understanding what is illusion and what is reality can be a jagged pill to swallow. Have you noticed that illusions are shattered when truth is introduced? When a monkey wrench stops my plans and I don’t know which way to go, I reach into my magical toolbox and pull out a Truth and Justice candle.

I am sure we all know people who live in illusion, as I am sure we have all had our time living in illusion. It takes a good amount of strength and fortitude to break down the illusions and live authentically in reality. How many times do we block our own paths by not seeing the illusion that we are living? I definitely have!


The magician, the illusionist, and the charlatan


I am a huge movie fan. Movies are magical to me. Yes, there are times when I get so caught up in a storyline that I have to shake myself out of the reverie of the magic of movies to live in reality. When setting a goal I have to discern what it is that I really need focus on to manifest the intention. Sometimes an idea sounds good, looks great on paper; but when you start to bring your idea to fruition a monkey wrench halts the action. My monkey wrench happened when I decided to write and video a web series. I had the location locked down, my actors were in place, now all I needed was some equipment, oh, and content for the web series. But I hadn’t written the scripts. Talk about putting the cart before the horse. Besides, all the content was in my head. It just wasn’t on paper.


I have always believed that when you put energy into an intention, the intention will manifest. And by golly I was going to manifest my web series. I spoke with a few people about crowdfunding, had a few investors (my magicians who were proficient at slight of hand), but still no script. Crazy, right?? I had sold an idea that I hadn’t completely fleshed out. I gained a writing partner who spoke a good game (my charlatan) who wasn’t able to live up to his promises. But I was my own illusionist, I threw a monkey wrench into my own plan by not being properly prepared. I wasn’t using my magical toolbox. I was flying by night with sunglasses on and praying that there were no trees in my flight plan.


We have to learn to get out of our own way in order to move forward.


I burned the Truth and Justice Blessed Herbal candle to find clarity in what to do next. Sure, it may seem obvious that I needed to write the content for the web series, but my focus was on organizing myself in order to write the content. The magic from using the Truth and Justice Blessed Herbal candle shattered my illusion of being able to do it all in the short amount of time that I gave myself. I went back to square one. I wrote down what I needed to do step-by-step. I learned that it is going to take much longer for me to complete this goal, and that’s okay! In working the process that I have laid out, I have a solid plan that will lead me to success in completing this goal.


A shattered illusion makes way for truth and honesty


There are times in life when we have to go back to the beginning and start again with the knowledge that we have gained from the previous experience so we can move forward with a solid plan. That’s where I am. I am back at the beginning with solid footing on my way to completing the first step in the large goal that resides in my magical toolbox. The crowdfunding is on hold, the charlatan got his justice (karma, that is), my magicians moved on to their next target and I am in a space of clarity and forward movement to making my own web series magic. Yes, I have an extra Truth and Justice Blessed Herbal candle in my toolbox just in case.


Living in reality and preparation are keys to reaching your goals.

This month we will focus on different tools that can assist you in organizing your magical toolbox. Truth and Justice Blessed Herbal candle is now a staple in mine. Sign up for Coventry Creations newsletter here so you don’t miss valuable information and updates!

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