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Going in circles? Straighten up and fly right with Inner Balance and Stability BHC

know thyselfBy Krystal A. Hubbard

Here we are at the beginning of a new year. For some, 2016 was a year full of major challenges, for some there were major success, for others a combination of both. For me there were many successes and a few challenges.

As adults we encounter situations that can really throw us off of our game and completely muck up our day. This year I am making sure that I have these candles in my magical toolbox to help me traverse this new year in case anything comes up and I need to go deep inside to find my footing.


What to do, what to do?


You ever have one of those days when everything is going wrong? When you can’t seem to catch a break or get a handle on life? Not too long ago I was in the midst of the confusion and chaos that Mercury Retrograde tends to bring. I couldn’t seem to communicate effectively, my computer kept updating in the middle of me working, and I was just having an overall bad day. Normally, I am not bothered by Mercury Retrograde because I see it as a time to review, renew, and recharge; however, this time I found myself consumed by emotions and just, generally, frustrated with everything. Even getting into meditation was challenging. I needed to ground. The Blessed Herbal Stability candle is filled with the energy of earth.


Earth energy is grounding and that’s just what I needed to balance Mercury Retrograde.


I also needed to get my internal pendulum under control. In order to do that I needed to determine what was causing me to feel off kilter. Why was I on the verge of tears? Could it just be the Mercury Retrograde or was it something else? The light blue color of the Inner Balance Blessed Herbal candle reminded me of the foundation in my magical toolbox--my spirituality. I needed to get a grip on my emotions by determining what was going on internally and fix it. I needed the inner balance that this candle helps to find.


To understand thyself you have go deep inside yourself


Once I got home I was able to get into a quiet headspace. I lit both the Stability and Inner Balance candles together. Once I smelled the candles (which I could as soon as I took the wrappings off) I knew I was in a protected space. I read the blessings on each candle out loud and added a few of my own words as I lit them. I could feel myself grounding with the earth energy of Stability and I edged myself gently into a deep meditation, thanks to the Inner Balance candle. As I meditated and reviewed the day, I realized that someone made a comment that took me back to a challenging time in my childhood when I was being bullied because of the way that I spoke. They had no idea that this would happen, and I am quite sure their statement was not made with malicious intent. That brief moment in time sent me to a place of insecurity, which was why I was having such a hard time communicating that day, but meditating with the candles gave me the opportunity to heal that wound from so long ago and discard those feelings as they no longer served me. The computer updating while I was working was all Mercury Retrograde, however!


Having a protected space when you’re figuring things out is a necessity.


Once I came out of my meditation, I enjoyed the rest of my evening feeling grounded and internally balanced. I let the candles burn down until I was ready to go to sleep. On the precipice of sleep it hit me that part of adulting is healing the past and letting go of those things that no longer serve us. I will definitely have Stability and Inner Balance Blessed Herbal candles in my toolbox just in case I have another one of those days.

This month we will focus on different tools that can assist you in organizing your magical toolbox as you just read, Inner Balance and Stability Blessed Herbal Candles are a staple in my own magical toolbox. To stay up to date with what’s happening, sign up for Coventry Creations newsletter here so you don’t miss valuable information and updates!

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