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Adulting 101: Organizing your Magical Toolbox

magical tool box

By Krystal A. Hubbard

What is your “magical toolbox”? Your magical toolbox contains anything and everything that allows you to reach goals and navigate life’s challenges and successes--daily. It is filled with both tangible and intangible items. So, what does that mean? It means you have all the tools you need at your fingertips to pull out whatever item necessary to use for planning and reaching your goals.

Mind you, this isn’t a physical toolbox, it’s a combination of all the things that you use to manifest your intentions. What’s in your magical toolbox? We all have one! Let’s open up mine and see what’s in there--surely it needs some organizing!


Creating a foundation: Are you being productive or just busy?


My magical toolbox contains items that allow me to not be ‘just busy’, but to be productive. What’s the difference, you ask? Well, being productive means that you are working toward a large goal by completing smaller goals, step by step. Being busy is the illusion of productivity. How many times have you heard people say, “I’m just so busy.” but you never see the end result of their ‘busyness’. The hamster that runs in a wheel for hours is busy; however, the squirrel who gathers nuts for the winter is being productive. A huge part of adulting is recognizing when you are being busy and changing that dynamic to being productive. The magical toolbox is the foundation of productivity.


The way that my magical toolbox is organized is as follows:I imagine it as a large rectangular purple, metal box with three large pull-out trays and a large open space at the bottom. The open space at the bottom is my foundation. This is where my spirituality, accomplishments, and belief in myself resides. If ever I question if I can do something I meditate in this area of my toolbox, and I remind myself that anything is possible. To sound totally cliche, I just have to put my mind to it--literally.


The bottom tray contains my large goals. This where I have my ideas of what I want to accomplish. For example, I am writing a feature length script. In order to complete the script I need to have some items in place that will ensure success (we will get to those items in just a second). What I love about my magical toolbox is that I can take items out or put items in as I need to. Every idea that I have goes into my bottom tray (it’s compartmentalized for easier use).


The middle tray contains ALL of the smaller items that I need to achieve the larger goal. In this case, writing a feature length script I need a computer, time, patience, people who are also in writing circles, and my job to support my daily needs. All of these items are crucial to reaching my goal. How I utilize the items in this tray changes based upon the opportunities that are created.


The top and final tray is one that gets used quite a bit. It contains the candles that I burn while I write, the oils that I use to clear my head, the bath salts that I use when I need to destress, the coffee I drink to stay awake, my bullet journal to write everything down, and the bottle of wine that I will drink once the script is finished. The top tray gets refilled regularly as items are used or when I need something different to assist me. How does this magical toolbox make me productive and not just busy?


Your magical toolbox is there for active use!

When my magical toolbox isn’t filled with all the items I need, I realize that I become the hamster in the wheel. I start a lot of projects, but don’t finish any. The way I stay productive with my toolbox is to pull a goal out of the bottom tray, write down it and the smaller goals to reach the large goal in my bullet journal, and carve out regular time to work on the first step to my larger goal. I meditate for inspiration and strength from the foundation of my toolbox, consult with others that are more successful than I, grab my favorite candle, and get to work. Once I complete the first goal, I cross it out in my bullet journal and begin working on the next step to reach my goal. Do you see how I pulled an item from each layer in my magical toolbox?


When you have an organized magical toolbox you are able to work with fluidity and be productive. I need to add a few candles to my top tray, remove some ideas from my bottom tray that no longer work for me, meditate for inspiration, and rework a few things in the middle tray. In the end, this is a huge part of adulting: getting and staying organized. An hour’s worth of productivity can produce four hours worth of work. Think of what you can accomplish in a week, a month, a year.


An hour’s worth of productive work can produce four hours’ worth of results .

I challenge you to work on your own magical toolbox. It will take some time to do, but we are here to help you. This month we will focus on different tools that can assist you in organizing your magical toolbox. Sign up for Coventry Creations newsletter here so you don’t miss valuable information and updates!

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