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Clear the path with Outta My Way

by Krystal A. Hubbard


Feb 2017 blog 2 Outta My WayHave you ever looked around at the state of your life and thought, “What a mess!?!” Yeah me, too. It seemed that every way I turned I was being stopped or blocked in some way.

I couldn’t get my thoughts together, everything I tried--failed. I felt like someone had actually hexed me. Or maybe I had created so many blocks, both mentally and physically, that I was just stuck. Dorothy Morrison's Wicked Witch Mojo Outta My Way candle is just what the witch ordered.


Where are you going? Where do you want to go?


As we grow older, we tend to get pulled in many different directions by many different people. Sometimes it is hard to say “No!”, but sometimes we have to. I needed to figure out where I wanted to go versus where I was going. The path that I was on was of my making but not my desire. It was the path of the all the people who had opinions about my life. It was also me following their plan all the while pushing my own desires aside and stacking their wants in front of my own. I pulled out the Outta My Way candle with the intention of knocking down the blocks to my own path I had inadvertently built by following the wishes and opinions of others regarding MY life. As I meditated on the incantation of the candle and visualized where I wanted my path to take me, I had an epiphany.


My family wanted me to follow the in ranks of working for the phone company, like they did. I had already done time in the corporate insurance business, and for me it was what I’d imagine jail would be like. No freedom, no creativity, grey cubicles. Ugh. This works for some people, just not for me. I needed a career that was ever-changing. Where no two days where the same. I decided to become an anthropologist, specifically, an archaeologist. When I changed my major many family members just shook their heads. Other asked me how I was going to survive and make money. Still others just asked me, “Are you going to go back to insurance or start at the phone company?” My answer was a resounding, “NO!”. There is strength in saying, “No!”.


Only you know where your heart will lead you


I was able to excavate out of the country as well as in Detroit. It was an amazing experience. I would work in the archaeology lab until the next opportunity to excavate would come down the pipeline. Through my excavation experiences I was able to create stories surrounding items that we found. I was able to lecture about my experiences to college classrooms and teach people about a culture based on the items we excavated. It was an amazing experience. Getting dirty, telling stories, and helping people understand the process of archaeology--my path for a time. The awesome thing about archaeology is that once you’re an archaeologist, you’re always an archaeologist. I can choose to join an excavation team anytime I want. But for right now I am happiest where I am in my life, doing what I am doing right now.


Be yourself--unapologetically

This month is about having a Charmed Life. You just read how I used the Outta My Way candle to obliterate the blocks I had created. I have used the Outta My Way candle many times in the past to clear a way to manifest my dreams. It also works in clearing writer’s block! Don’t miss out on more information about creating a charmed life by signing up to receive our Coventry Creations newsletter here

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