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Candles for your Inner Witch Bitch

Feb 2017 Feature BLogHere at Coventry, February celebrates the month of Dorothy, a 30 day long extravaganza that honors the life and work of Dorothy Morrison. Throughout the month we are offering 15% off of our Wicked Witch Mojo candles and oils (coupon code FEB17), and for those, who, like us, can’t get enough of Dorothy, we have the famous four limited edition candles.

If you are looking for a special tool to wield your witchy badassery, these are it. Laden with the spicy, southern mojo that is so characteristic of Dorothy. The Rich Bitch, Extreme Badass, Hot Damn, and Saint Dorothy the Wicked are power candles and designed to bring out the “witch bitch” in everyone, and give her want she wants.

Power up with Dorothy Morrison’s Limited Edition candles, May your Rich Bitch continue to be an Extreme Bass Ass , and Hot Damn, just like St. Dorothy the Wicked.

Who doesn’t want to be a Rich Bitch? This candle is a triple X money manifester, guaranteed to draw a steady stream of cash into your pockets, bank, and hands. Why settle for ordinary money mojo when you can wield this sugar mama?

Extreme Badass laces up your shit-kicking boots so you can knock down doors, remove obstacles, and open roads. An incredible personal power accelerator, Extreme Badass is your go to for when someone or something is standing in your way.

In need of some luck? Hot Damn works so well it will have your friends and family saying just that “hot damn!”. The ultimate good luck generator, this candle deactivates misfortune to give you success in every endeavor.

When faced with an impossible situation, don’t wallow; call upon Saint Dorothy the Wicked. This magical, miracle working candle lends you the power to flick obstacles out of your path and manifest your desires in a snappy fashion.


To purchase limited edition Dorothy Morrison candles and other Wicked Witch Mojo products click here 

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