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Bills Be Gone--Prosperity From Every Angle

March 2017 Spellcaster card 1March’s Spell Caster card, included in every purchase this month, is all about shrinking your bills, managing the amount of money that leaves your house, and creating stability around your money. We all have bills to pay. They never seem to stop coming around every month, but watch how they shrink and maybe even disappear with this spell.

Prosperity isn’t always about money falling into your lap. Prosperity can present as opportunity to make money.


Using a Magical Spell to shrink your money woes keeps your pockets fuller.


When you cast this spell you are opening up to the wonderful power of the Universe. You are requesting assistance and consciously giving thanks for the blessings you have already received.


You will need:

Blessed Herbal Candles

 Needed Changes



List of your bills

Metal Bowl


Gather all of your bills and list them out on a fresh piece of paper. Write out the monthly payments and your total balance for each bill. Turn the paper counter-clockwise 90 degree and write across it three time, “This list is too long, bills be gone.”


Place the metal bowl on a cutting board or trivet and place the three candles, in their candle holders, around the bowl. Place the Stability candle in the front of the bowel, the Needed Changes to the left and the Prosperity candle to the right. Light each candle while saying their individual blessing.


Pick up the list you made and fold it away from you three times. Ignite the list by touching it to the Needed Change candle flame and let the list burn out in the bowl. Allow the candles to burn for a few hours while you think about your financial prosperity. After you extinguish the candles for the first time, take the ashes and shake them into a flushing toilet Relight the candles everyday until they are consumed. Watch how your bills shrink and even disappear over the next 30 days.

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