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Just in time - Brigid and Greenman limited edition candles.

W GMWe’ve got help for those who are far too guilty of being swept into the madness that is our modern life. The beating pace of it all, the fear and anxiety, the brushes with hopelessness and lack of purpose can suck the life out of any mere mortal.

This is when we need to turn to our greatest allies, the deities that have existed long before us, and will continue to inspire and direct long after our spirits exit this plane. Through petition and relationship they have proven to be loving teachers and guides, healers, miracle workers, and helpers.

Take a spring vision quest, go deeper with Brigid and Green Man.

Coventry Creations World Magic line bridges and blends cultures from across the globe in the united purpose of understanding, guidance, and celebration. It seeks to spread a message of unity, after all, despite our many outer differences, at its core, all of humanity seeks the same comforts. No matter how we address our divine helpers, they are archetypes that can be found and mirrored in any and every culture. World Magic taps into the power of these archetypes, allowing the modern person to access a connection to our rich and primordial roots in order to gain peace, success and empowerment.

In a season that brings the promise of new life after death, prosperity, health, and rekindled excitement, Coventry introduces the Limited Edition Green Man and Brigid candles. These spring deities are wild and beautiful reminders to go deeper, reach higher, and achieve greater.

The Celtic Mother Goddess, Brigid, has long been a favorite of the pagan community, a warrior, poet, healer, and sister, she is truly a spirit of all trades. She prods you to reach deeper, discover your many layers, and meld them into union. Our sweet blend of citronella, lavender and lemongrass petitions her to stoke your fires of empowerment, and surround you with protection, health and prosperity.

If you’re feeling the need to travel on a spring vision quest, let Green Man be your guide. He awakens the wild one within, rooting you in inner strength and purpose, attuning you to the patterns and cycles of the earth. He will take you on an evolutionary path that will call for sacrifice, but at journey’s end will bestow growth and prosperity. A scent blend of cedarwood, amber musk, and juniper, this earthy candle will transport you straight to the divine forest.

These candles are available while supplies last

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